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My review of the 2011 VMAs

It's that time of year again... time for me to review the VMAs for 2011.

The Show got off to a good start with Lady GaGa opening. I liked her little monologue she spoke as her male counterpart "Jo Calderone." She is a very good actress and has taken theater classes so it is great seeing her put those skills to use. The performance was great and the vocals were spot on. It was great seeing her perform with Brian May of "Queen." And I couldn't believe my eyes when she had spilled beer all over the floor and then jumped down off the piano and slipped and fell. Luckily the cameras turned away when it happened so that it wasn't so noticeable. But it was great that she kept singing and didn't even show any sign that anything had happened. As they say... the show must go on!


Concerning fashion choices of the stars, I am not too fond of copycats. I like Nicki Minaj but COME ON. This is clearly something GaGa has worn.


And then there was Katy Perry's flop of an outfit...
It's like "Hey I'm Katy Perry I'm so cool because I wear weird shit and I'm so weird" 
but in reality everyone was like "wtf is that even supposed to be??? She tries to hard" at least that's what I thought.

And her oriental outfit wasn't nice either... EW. DO YOU GET DRESSED WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED OR WHAT.
I don't get how Katy Perry and Kanye West won best collaboration when Kanye's rap on E.T. was like thrown in the the beginning and end and in my opinion didn't even sound like it had anything to do with the song. I only ever even heard him in the song when I first saw the video. The song sounded perfectly fine without his little out of place addition. On top of that when Kanye and Katy went up on the stage to accept the award, Katy makes a crack about his little VMA interruption from 2 years ago even though it has long passed. He did not seem very pleased and he must have really been holding back on saying something to her. She was so annoying with her whole "Omg this is my first VMA!!!!111" garbage and Kanyes like "umm I got tons of these...?" GTFO Katy Perry lol

The 'performance' by Chris Brown was really good and I really enjoyed it even though he didn't sing. The dancing was great and the flying through the air was something to see. I still don't forgive him for beating up Rihanna but oh well.... speaking of Rihanna... where was she and why wasn't she at the VMAs???

ADELE's performance was long and boring and very shitty in my opinion. And the whole time I was wondering out loud "how the fuck does anyone like this???" I just don't get it. What is so special about this girl??? I don't understand how it is always a fight for #1 on the billboard and itunes charts for Adele and Lady GaGa... In my opinion there is no competition when it comes to Lady GaGa but maybe there is something wrong with this world.

Beyonce's performance was cute and I was so shocked to hear that she is 4 months pregnant. She showed her tummy at the end of her performance and it was HUGEEEE!!!

The tribute to Britney Spears was great but way too short and they didn't do enough of her music videos. But it was pretty cool to see all of those Britneys prancing around on the same stage lol! Britney was really happy and I think she liked it a lot. It was funny when GaGa tried to kiss Britney like Britney and Madonna did a few years back on the VMAs but Britney is on strict watch by her dad (so I've read in tabloid magazines) and if she would have done it she would have been in a lot of trouble because she is trying to portray this wholesome young girl image and they don't want her doing anything unplanned or strange that could affect her career and her wellbeing. Basically they don't want her having another mental breakdown again so everything she does is planned out, she isn't even allowed having a cell phone or going anywhere or saying anything on her own... poor girl. Anyways... I know if she had kissed Gaga it would have been so amazing and it would be the talk of the year and I know she really wanted to do it but she knew deep down inside for the sake of her career and reputation that she couldn't do it because they don't want her to get any bad press :(


The tribute to Amy Winehouse was great too and I thought Bruno Mars really did the song justice.

Pitbull's Performance was pretty good :)
Lil Wayne's performance was like ummmmmmmm keep your shirt on :P

Oh and Jessie J's commercial performances were amazing, if only we could have hear the whole things!

(But this outfit was definitely a Lady GaGa copy booo)

Priceless was Justin Biebers face when he saw Jo Calderone



It is 2 years since he has left us. He would have turned 53 today.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I will be wearing all Gaga VMAS outfits until the big day!

Here is the first outfit


I picked up some more things yesterday for my upcoming Michael Jackson halloween costume. I am just missing a few last things and it will be done. Here is my rough version... so cool!!!! Can't wait till Halloween!!!

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Bored... doing quizzes...

Amanda L scored 100% on the
"Purple Rain" Quiz
amandalazarus 100%
19 out of 19 correct, 2 minutes, 46 seconds
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 Amanda L scored 100% on the
"Under the Cherry Moon" Quiz
amandalazarus 100%
25 out of 25 correct, 3 minutes, 0 seconds
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I need this shirt!!! But everywhere I look online it is sold out!

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National Covergirl Winner (Canada) 08/17/11


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Beyonce in W Magazine

Look how georgeous Beyonce looks in these new photos from W Magazine

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I neeeed this cake for my bday!!! Hahaha

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She's too gorgeous like this!