Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Halloween Nails

My version of Halloween nails!

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Anniversary of Bad Romance

Lady Gaga has tweeted:

"Its the anniversary of BAD ROMANCE so were bringing back the hair tonight!!! #hotlikemexico"

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Tonight I watched a favourite movie of mine, in the spirit of Halloween. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a classic cult film made in 1975 with Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon. It was based on the broadway musicals of the same name. I think I first discovered this movie in 2004 when I was still in Hugh school. It was on tv and I had recorded a tv show while I was sleeping and instead of my show, the movie recorded. I was very interested in this peculiar movie because I was just a kid and the movie is pretty raunchy. It was my secret delight. I showed it to some friends and they became hooked too. The movie is a musical and I love musicals. The songs are so catchy and it's easy to find yourself singing them after you watch it. It's a pretty weird movie but it is a classic and it will never get old.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun Pumpkins

Cool pumpkin ideas that I found online!!!


Lady Gaga

Michael Jackson

Johnny Depp


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Macy's Fame Launch

Pretty sick that Lady Gaga showed up to her perfume launch at Macy's in New York September 14th dressed up like the perfume bottle itself..... clever haha!

Azealia Banks

She is so pretty

Zynga to close 13 games after shakeup, reduces focus on The Ville


"But which 13 games are they? That's the question on our minds after today's unfortunate layoffs of over 100 Zynga employees and the closure of its Boston Studio. News received an internal note from Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, which deals with far more than just the layoffs, as we've learned that Zynga plans to close down 13 different games in the process, and also shift its focus away from The Ville.

These 13 games are described by Pincus as being "older" games, but we still have no confirmed games to add to that list. Of course, we could speculate that games like FishVille, PetVille, YoVille and even the original Mafia Wars may be done for, but let's not also forget the large catalog of mobile games Zynga has also released over the past few years. Could games like Dream Zoo, Dream PetHouse or ForestVille also be on the chopping block?

Furthermore, what does this news mean for The Ville, which has been tied up in a copyright controversy with EA since earlier this year? Will the game remain open but stop being actively updated?"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Xtina is back?!

Well I heard the news that Christina Aguilera has a new song called "Your Body" but I didn't think much of it until today when I turned on the TV and the music video for it was playing... it is nice to see her back doing what she is known for and the song is pretty catchy too, so kudos to the team who thought up that song.

Pauly D Blow out -- YES or NO

Oh wow, this is Pauly D in GQ magazine without a blowout... which do you prefer? I like his blowout... it makes him more unique... without it he just seems like any other guy.

40 Prince Facts From GetsomeKAndy

Prince Facts

Oh wow....

"By now we know all about Chuck Norris. Here are some little known facts about the legendary Prince....

1. Eskimos have 75 words for snow but they only have one word for orgasm: Prince.

2. When a young girl listens to an entire Prince album, she's not a virgin anymore.

3. Women must undergo a rigorous stretching regimen before even attempting sex with Prince.

4. Prince is often seen riding a motorcycle. This is because his balls don't fit inside a regular car.

5. Listening to any Prince album backwards will result in Priapism.

6. Prince can tie a cherry stem in a knot. With his dick.

7. Thunderstorms are caused when Prince makes a woman cum.

8. All of the hair on Prince's body is pubes. Lustrous, silken pubes.

9. Food tastes better after you blow Prince.

10. Doctors prescribe Prince's 1999 album as a cure for feminine dryness.

11. is the world's most successful adult website for women.

12. Officially, condoms are made in the following sizes; regular, magnum, actual hefty bags and Prince size.

13. If you haven't had sex with Prince yet, don't worry. it will happen.

14. Women can't write emails to Prince unless they have a waterproof keyboard.

15. Its not gay when Prince has sex with a man because he's just showing him the right way to do it.

16. When Prince's cum dries, diamonds are formed.

17. Clubs and restaurants across Minnesota have installed ramps to accommodate the wheelbarrow boy who carries Prince's testicles for him.

18. Don't be upset if your girlfriend has sex with Prince. She had no choice.

19. When Prince walks into an office building janitors have to put down wet floor signs around the women.

20. In some cultures women are considered virgins until they have sex with Prince.

21. Prince's penis has its own penis. And its bigger than yours.

22. Prince once tried changing his name to that symbol so that your mother couldn't find him in the phone book.

23. Cut him open and you will find that Prince's blood is Godiva Chocolate Liquor.

24. There are always more fish in the sea. But good luck finding a hot girl he hasn't fucked.

25. Prince sometimes has sex with pregnant women to loosen them up before labor.

26. If you are bitten by Prince, you will live forever and your penis will increase in diameter.

27. What's that behind you??? Shhhhhh, it's prince.

28. Purple Rain is the opposite of birth control.

29. Prince doesn't eat. He gets all of his energy from the sun's rays via photosynthesis. And also from pussy.

30. Prince is neither black nor white. We are all just shades of Prince.

31. Champagne tastes just like Prince's sperm. Because it is.

32. If you listen closely you'll realize every Prince song references sex with your mother.

33. If you get lost in the wilderness, you can use one of Prince's condoms for a tent.

34. If you pick up the phone and say "Prince" the pentagon will dispatch a helicopter full of sexy black women to your location.

35. Garlic and crosses have no effect on Prince. But a full bush will ward him off.

36. If you look closely at the veins on Prince's penis, you will see a line drawing of the Mona Lisa.

37. Prince is the same height and weight as Bruce Lee, not counting Prince's 22lb genitals.

38. Japanese scientists designed a special corset for women to wear during sex with Prince... so they don't blow up.

39. Prince's sympathy fucks are still 10 times hotter than anyone you will ever even be in a room with.

40. Prince once tried to go a day without cumming. That day was 9-11."

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pop Tart Nails

My friend Sarah (WildEdgyNails) did her nails a little while ago and I was really sure I had seen something like it before in life... I realized that they looked like pop tarts that I used to eat as a kid!!! I got to googling it and they are Wildlicious flavored pop tarts... haha... see the resemblance???

New Photos! DJ Pauly D Meets His Twin At Las Vegas Pool Party


"Jersey Shore‘s DJ Pauly D met his oversized doppelganger in Las Vegas Sunday.

While playing his track “Night Of My Life” during his afternoon gig at Rehab Pool Party at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, he was surprised with a tap on the shoulder by a Pauly D Bobble Head Mascot. The Bobble Head put on the headphones and took over the DJ booth before spraying champagne on the crowd.

Later that evening, Pauly D headed to Vanity Nightclub where DJ Pauly D and the Bobble Head Mascot were joined by residents DJ Shift and DJ Wellman for a special performance."

Snooki Baby Life: Jersey Shore Star Wants Her Party Life Back



"Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi says she wants her party life back. One insider told Star magazine, "Snooki is constantly whining about how much she wants her pre-baby life. The only thing she's wanted to do is drink with her friends." The 24-year-old mother is having trouble facing responsibility since she's been use to being taken care of rather than taking care of someone else.

The Jersey Shore star has had her mother, Helen Polizzi help her fiance, Jionni LaValle with their new born son, Lorenzo. LaValle has been very supportive of his fiance and stood by her side offering emotional support and her depressed binges on fast foods. According to Star, things have gotten so bad that she kicked him out of bed, "He finally had enough one night and confronted Snooki, telling her she needs to quit choosing hr friends over family, step up and be a mother and a partner to him," a source says.

Despite their relationship woes, the couple still plans on getting married on the second season of "Snooki and JWoww," but sources believe that their relationship may be over shortly afterwards. The upcoming finale of the "Jersey Shore" coming to a close, Snooki will be busy with a unique business venture. The reality star will be promoting her new boxer, Patrick Hyland who will fight in Las Vegas in December. Hopefully, she can lean to separate business, party, and family before its too late."