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Here are my Christmas nails along with a small picture tutorial of how I did them!




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So the apocolypse did not happen because it is the 21st and I am still alive..... hmmmmmmmmm!


Last night marked the series finale of Jersey Shore and boy am I sad!

The series ran for a whole 6 seasons but it seems like it was only yesterday that we heard of these 8 guys and girls moving into the Shore House together.

It was a very sad and heartfelt finale show because the housemates were all so emotional about their Jersey experience. The show changed their lives so drastically. Many of them are now household names and have their own business ventures to keep them busy. It's amazing what one little show can do.

It is also a sad time because the Jersey Shore itself (Seaside Heights) where they had filmed, was severely destroyed. Hurricane Sandy wiped out the boardwalk, the rides, and pretty much everything else as it passed through.

I really hope they rebuild the shore because I had always wanted to go visit but that idea is put aside for now.

I hope for the best for the cast of Jersey Shore in whatever else they will move on to next. I hope they reunite again in the future for a movie or something but who knows.

So long Jersey Shore!!! :(

X Factor Winner - Tate Stevens

Last night was The X Factor finale show where they revealed that the winner was Tate Stevens. Throughout the season, the race had been between Tate and his competitor, 13 year old Carly Rose Sonenclar. I liked Carly Rose a lot and she is a very talented little girl but her strength was only really in ballads and when she sang upbeat songs it was very awkward with her not dancing or anything and singing the song as though it was a slow song. It is good to have diversity in the music business and even though I am not a country fan, I know that Tate Stevens is capable of not only singing ballads but he can sing all types of songs, fast or slow, and he gives them his own edge. He is also older and more experience. Carly Rose is still very young and has a lot to learn but we will see what the future holds for these contestants!

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TO ME!!!

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Apocalypse now???

Kind of funny...

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Britney - X Factor

What's with these terrible faces that Britney Spears was making on the X Factor???

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1 Year Ago!

Ahh... it is already December. Today is the 2nd of the month and I am heavily reminded of 1 year ago today when I went to see Prince perform live for the 2nd time.

Around the beginning of November 2011, by chance, I happened to see an advertisement for Prince playing live at the Bell Centre. I couldn't believe my eyes because I had been hoping for that for a while. I quickly bought tickets when they went on sale and could not wait until December 2nd, 2011.

Seeing "The Hour" newspaper the week before the concert really made me realize how real this was gettting!!! (I grabbed a bunch to save, of course)

On the day of the concert, my boyfriend and I ate dinner at the mall and then bussed our way downtown (I did not drive at the time!). I wore my Purple Rain shirt that night as I had to the last Prince concert.

We got to the Bell Centre around 7pm and waited around the lobby. Not many people were there at the time. Suddenly I heard some muffled drums and instruments playing from within the building... they were doing a soundcheck. It made me so excited to wonder what was going on behind the scenes.

As the time passed, more and more people kept coming in and then a line was forming along the stairwell. We waited patiently but then it was already 8pm and the concert was supposed to start but we were still waiting around... after a little while the doors began to open and everyone went in.

I quickly went to the merchandise booth to see what was available and I bought a tshirt and a tour book.

We then went to find our seats. I had bought floor seats but I was disappointed when I saw where they were because they were not on the side I had wanted. My friend had made the purchase for me online because I was working when the tickets went for sale and even though I told her the side I wanted, I guess she bought the wrong one.

We sat patiently listening to some background music as the place started to fill up. Around 9:30 the show began and I was so hyped! I was singing and dancing and jumping up and down and having a crazy time... I was probably disturbing every one around me but I didn't care.

The show was a lot of fun and ended around 11:00pm.

I had heard rumors of an afterparty at a downtown club before I had gone to the concert.

Now normally I wouldn't wander around downtown late at night when I have to work the next day but this was an exception... I had a gut feeling that I just had to get myself to this aftershow!!!

So I told my boyfriend that I am going to the aftershow and he can either come with me or go home but I was going for sure. He was mad and tried to persuade me to go home but when I have my mind made up, it is final!

I figured out where the place was downtown. It was a supper club called "Newtown" and supposedly there was a small club in the basement.

There was a line up to get in so we waited in line not even knowing if Prince was there or would be there or if we could get in like that at the door without buying tickets beforehand.

But we paid our entrance fees and got in and settled over at a counter at the back of the room. It was not a very big place and didn't look to fancy or anything. There was a small dancfloor and a little raised stage with some instruments set up on it.

Not many people were there when we arrived at around 11:30pm.

There was a DJ spinning some pretty good music the whole time so at least that was ok. But there was no sign of Prince or anything.

The time passed and then a girl came out and said that Prince would be coming eventually and then she performed some songs and then Prince came into the room and everyone freaked out and pulled out their cameras and phones and started taking pictures of him. A few people were trying to talk to him too. I got a grainy picture of him but it was nothing good. I took this as an opportunity to try to get to the front where he was. I tried pushing my way to the front of the crowd but when I reached the front there was a tall guy in my way and he refused to let me in front of him so I was upset. Prince had gotten freaked out anyways and left. It must not be fun to have people reacting like that to you.

The girl who had performed came back out and said that if we wanted Prince to come back out then we would have to put our cameras and phones away. So everyone did because we were all eager for him to come back.

Later on, members of Prince's band came out and started playing instruments and jamming and then even Prince came out but he was hiding behind members of his band and didn't want anyone to see him. He played a little bit of music with the band but had his back turned to the crowd most of the time.

The band raved that they were going to party all night with us and it really seemed like they would because it was almost 4am. But at 4am they stopped and left and that was it! I couldn't believe I had stayed out so late and was worried about getting home because I had to take the buses and most of them stop running past a certain time.

I checked the bus schedules and it seemed like if we tried hard, we could make the last bus. We made it and I was so happy. We got home around 5:30 I think and I went to bed for a little bit but then I had to get up to go to work... was it all worth it??!! YES!!! Would I do it all again?? Yes!!! Can't wait until my next concert experience. Now that I have a car, everything will be a lot more simple than that.

The sad part about the concert and the night is that they were very strict about taking photography and no one was allowed to take any pictures or videos at the concert or they would get kicked out. There was security all around the whole time, patrolling and making sure no one was taking pictures or they would confiscate your electronics or kick you out. It's a shame because I love taking pictures and videos at all the concerts I go to so I could keep the memories for the future. When I look at pictures of past concerts I am reminded of all the great times. It bothers me that I hardly have anything of my own from the night. I only have pictures that were taken professionally from the night.

These are not my pictures but they do remind me of the concert!

This is not my picture either, I found it on facebook, but it brings back great memories of when Prince performed "Purple Rain" and at the end of the song, confetti flew out from large cannons and lit up the air with purple and gold... it was such a great sight to see... I even picked up a few and framed them.

This is my framed collage that I made to hold my tickets and confetti from this concert and the other Prince concert I attended.

I keep hoping to hear that Prince is coming back to Montreal but it hasn't happened yet... I will just keep my fingers crossed and I guess he will announce it when I least expect it, just like the other times!