Monday, May 31, 2010

Moving soon

We will be moving to our condo in about a month... still packing... blah.

Saturday, May 29, 2010






Me and Dale when we went to go watch the hockey game at the sports bar and our stupid home team loses terribly. The next game a few days later they lost too which means they are out of the Stanley Cup finals. Boooo :(


These 2 ducks live outside on the grass around my apartment building. They are always there. They swim in the pool too. It is not cleaned out so it's ok but I hope they don't go when the pool will be cleaned out! lol


I have never driven a car and I really want to learn so badly. I went to go get my learners permit and got it last November. Not I have to learn how to drive. I could go to driving school but it is very expensive so I wanted my dad to teach me. Well the problem with that is that he drives standard which is a lot harder to learn than automatic. So last Sunday I met up with him and began my first driving lesson. Let's just say that I think that it might have been my LAST driving lesson because I am like screwing up his car so much. His car is really really old to begin with and it is on it's last days pretty much. I stalled the car about 15 times because I let up the clutch too fast. I am able to do everything but it's the stupid clutch that's the problem. So he says I am terrible and probably won't be able to drive a standard ever and should learn an automatic. Well is it really my fault? It was my first time! Am I really supposed to be an expert and get it right my first time? So I am really sad now and I don't think he wants me to practice with his car any more so I don't know what to do because I don't really have any one else who wants to teach me so I guess I am doomed :'(

Working finally!

I haven't really worked are real job in a while, not since I used to work for the big factory I worked at last year until I was laid off in August 2009. Then in October that is when I started hairdressing school and since then I haven't worked.

Well this week I had my final exam on Tuesday. And I spoke with my teacher who is also the owner of the school and told her I would like to work there to do clients. She said that is ok because I am very good and she knows. I began on Wednesday and continued on until today and now I am off Sunday, Monday Tuesday and will continue again for Wednesday.

I will be working Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday of every week from 9:30am until 2:30 pm.

The money is really bad because I only get 50% of whatever i make and the prices are really low because it is a hairdressing school. But I am doing it to gain experience.

It is just me who is working because my class is gone because we finished. The new class is there but they are only halfway through their course so they are not allowed to do clients.

It is very busy and since it is only me it gets very hectic. I am running around all day and I have no time ever to take a lunch or a break or even sit down for a minute or go to the bathroom or anything. I am even getting stuck staying later some days because there are so many clients to do.

On Fridays it is a bit better because some students came to help out with the clients. Fridays are usually the busiest days there so I am lucky that i am not alone. And this girl from the new class comes in and I have her be like an assistant to me to help me wash the clients hair, kind of like how I started out when I was helping out the hairdresser that used to work here. She just quit about 2 weeks ago because she had a fight with the boss and found a new job so that I why I can work there.

I am like kind of in charge I guess. And on Saturdays I am usually going to be all alonee. Today was my first time being alone. They gave me the keys and everything so I could open up and close. It wasn't very busy. I only had 2 clients because I think a lot of people probably think that we are closed on Saturdays so yeah.

But anyways I am off to a good start. I will relax the next few days before I go back to work because it is pretty exhausting stuff but I am getting used to it :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Wow Stardoll!!!

Wow I am so happy because on stardoll this week they released a Gerard Butler Doll and a new Lady GaGa doll and some of her outfits.... omg I love them!!

Now all I need them to do is release a Prince doll and a Beyonce doll and I would be satisfied!