Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mike "The Situation" to get new reality show


"Oh no, now we’ve all got ourselves a situation. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino may be done with his GTL days, but now he’s landed a reality show deal for his whole family, and a network will be announced soon, a Sitch snitch tells us. The Sitch’s brothers, Marc and Frank; his sister, Melissa; and mom, Linda, will take part in a new series about their daily lives in New Jersey. The only one absent will be Situation’s dad, Frank, who had a falling out with the family over money."

Happy bday Jwoww

Jersey Shore's Jwoww turns 28 today.... wow, time flies!

Confetti Nails

My next venture using nail tape... confetti nails! I love confetti inspired things and I knew right away when I saw my friend Sarah's nail tape that she lent me, I had to do confetti nails! This is an annoying and tedious process. You have to cut the tape very small to get the small confetti pieces and handling it and trying to place it is very hard because it is hard to hold on to it properly with long nails... but I managed somehow!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Prince to perform on Jimmy fallon 31/13

I am excited to hear that Prince has been named to perform live on Jimmy Fallon's Late Night talk show on Friday which is 31/13... Prince always loves to play with numbers and dates, so it is very fitting! Rumor has it that he will perform 2 songs but another rumor is also that Mariah Carey seems to be a guest on the same episode so unfortunately, Prince is not the only guest that night. Oh well! I am looking forward to this. It is rare to see Prince on tv so when it happens I get nuts! I am definitely taping this one! I wonder what he will sing and what he will wear!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nail tape manicure!

My good friend Sarah of WildEdgyNails lent me her nail tape to do a manicure that I have wanted to try. This manicure is based off of one that I saw Khloe Kardashian posting recently. It is an off white cream color base with strands of nail tape going across. I tried with 1 strand in gold and on the other hand I did 2 strands in bronze. This was my first time experimenting with nail tape and I didn't find it terribly hard. It is very easy to do it with your dominant hand but for my other hand it took a bit longer to become precise. But I am happy with the result and I will definitely try more nail tape ideas!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sparkle Party!

I got "" from the new OPI Euro Centrale Line. It is a sparkle nail polish with pink, purple, and blue hexagon glitter. I tried it with purple and blue bases. In this photo it is on my thumb and ring finger. The index and middle finger have "Ultraviolet" and the pinky has "Spazmatic," both glitters are from the Orly Glam FX line.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

OPI Euro Centrale

The OPI Euro Centrale Line came out earlier this month and seemed very promising. I only purchased 2 of the colors of the line because the others didn't appeal to me as much for now. I like this cool lavender color called "You're Such A Budapest" and I did not have anything like it so I got it :)

The Edge

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blue Sparkle

Blue sparkle nails

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Barbie Nails!

One of my favorite kinds of nails to do... Barbie nails! 2 versions here!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day Nails - Recap!

For those of you who have tuned in late or have missed any of my special Valentine's Day Nail challenge that I did with my friend Sarah, here is a recap of my 15 Days of Valentine's Nails!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

❤ ❤ ❤

Valentine's Day Nails - Day 15

Ahhh I have completed my 15 Day Nail Challenge for Valentine's Day with my good friend Sarah who runs a nail blog called Wild Edgy Nails. It was a great challenge and I really had a lot of fun with it. This is my final day of Valentine's nails and that means that today is Valentine's Day!
For my final nail design I did a simple red background with white hearts.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Born This Way Ball Cancelled

It seems that after cancelling the upcoming tour dates the other day, Lady Gaga had tests performed this morning which revealed that she will need surgery on her hip and will need extensive recovery time. Therefore the rest of the Born This Way Ball has been cancelled.
It is upsetting to realize that she had been performing with the injury and pain for the past month and trying to hide it. Hopefully she will have a speedy recovery and will be fine. She must be sad to cancel on her fans. Get well soon, Gaga!

Valentine's Day Nails - Day 14

Wow! Valentine's Day is almost here and I have Day 14 of my Valentine's Day Nail Challenge with my friend Sarah ready! I tried out some heart tip nails but I wasn't willing to file my nails into a point to get the pointed bottom of the heart... so my hearts have rounded bottoms.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lady Gaga cancels upcoming tour dates

Wow I can't believe this! Lady Gaga has just cancelled her next 3 concert dates for this week (Chicago, Detroit, and Hamilton) because she has revealed that after her concert last night in Montreal she was in tremendous pain. She is suffering from synovitis, a type of joint inflammation.
Gaga has just released this statement:
There's an unfortunate announcement coming out right now, concerning myself and the Born This Way Ball. Im so sorry. I barely know what to say. I've been hiding a show injury and chronic pain for sometime now, over the past month it has worsened. I've been praying it would heal. I hid it from my staff, I didn't want to disappoint my amazing fans. However after last nights performance I could not walk and still can't.
To the fans in Chicago Detroit & Hamilton I hope you can forgive me, as it is nearly impossible for me to forgive myself. Im devastated & sad. It will hopefully heal as soon as possible, I hate this. I hate this so much. I love you and Im sorry.

I hope she will recover! :(


Yay! I saw Lady Gaga last night in my hometown at her show "The Born This Way Ball"
It is the 4th time I have seen her live but it is the first time I have seen the Born This Way Ball. It was a very good show.

I had to work that day and I wasn't able to leave too early so I got to the show after the doors had already opened. I had floor tickets so by the time I got there, there was no space at the front. I wanted a more calm concert experience anyway because every concert I go to I end up in bad fights with other fans over trying to keep my spot in front so this time I hung out in the back and I did not end up in any altercations!

The website said the show starts at 7:00, the tickets say 7:30 so I didn't know who to believe! But when we got there around 7:00 it was still an opening act on stage. I wasn't really sure who or what it was so I wasn't too interested in watching. Around 7:30 "Madeon" came out, who was another opening act. Madeon is a DJ and he was spinning dance music until around 8:00. I enjoyed this because I love dance music and it was really nice to listen to.

Then we waited and waited and waited for something to happen but it seemed to be taking forever and I was getting annoyed and tired and sore. Gaga finally came on around 9:15 and soon enough I was fully excited!

I wasn't close to the stage so it was kind of hard to see anything but the sound was very nice. Lady Gaga has such a nice, strong voice and she could sing anything and it would sound good.

There was a vendor selling glowing hair bow headbands that change colors and I wanted one so my boyfriend tracked her down as she was walking around and he bought me a glowing hair bow... yay! I wore it the whole concert but it was so tight on my head it was giving me a headache.

All in all, I was pretty happy with the concert. I enjoyed all the songs she sang and they sound pretty good live. Would I see Gaga again? Of course! Can't stop now!

Some pics:

Me and my glowing hairbow

My boyfriend and I

The stage set up

This is ended up being the best picture I took of her... ugh!

Valentine's Day Nails - Day 13

For Day 13 of my Valentine's Day Nail Challenge with Sarah of WildEdgyNails I have done french style tips in Valentine's colors :)

Prince presents on the Grammys!

The Grammy Awards aired on Sunday and there was only thing on my mind throughout the entire show... when is Prince coming out?!
I had heard that he was going to be a presenter (and there were rumors that he would perform) so I couldn't wait to see what would happen.
He came out to present later on in the show and it was a very small appearance. He came and said the award title and then they announced the nominees and then Goyte won in that category and Prince gave him the award and that was all! Very short appearance! Wish he had performed. It would have been good advertisement for his new songs.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Valentine's Day Nails - Day 12

Day 12 of my Valentine's Day Nail Challenge with Sarah is red nails with silver sparkles.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day Nails - Day 11

What I have done for day 11 of my Valentine's Day 15 Day Nail Challenge with Sarah of WildEdgyNails is red nails with an accent of line sparkles on the ring finger and on on the thumb there is an abstract heart made with silver sparkles and pink polish.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine's Day Nails - Day 10

On Day 10 of my Valentine's Day Nail challenge with Sarah I have done fuschia nails with silver and pink hexagon sparkles.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Nails - Day 9

For Day 9 of my 15 Day Valentine's Day nail challenge with my friend Sarah I have done a red rose shape on a black background.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Nails - Day 8

For Day 8 of my Valentine's Day Nail Challenge with Sarah I did a gradient of black and red.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Nails - Day 7

For Day 7 of the Valentine's Day Nail Challenge that I have been doing with my friend Sarah of WildEdgyNails I have done pink hearts on a white background.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Looky what I just picked up!!! My Lady GaGa tickets for next Monday!!!

3rd Eye Girl

The 3rd Eye Girl mystery continues amongst the Prince fan community. Today a website called has appeared and it has 4 new Prince songs available for purchase for only 88 cents each. I like this idea and I am glad that Prince is releasing some new music in at least some form where he can profit. It must be hard to make any money nowadays because every one downloads music illegally. I am still old fashioned and prefer to buy a CD when it comes to artists I really admire. I will keep my fingers crossed that Prince will release a new album this year!

The new website

Beyonce Superbowl Themed Outfits On Stardoll!

Well that was fast! Stardoll has put out a set of outfits for you medoll that resemble the ones that Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle wore at Sunday's Superbowl Half Time Show. They are really nice and I like them all. I am not surprised they did this because they released the ones from Madonna, Nicki Minaj, and MIA for last year's superbowl.

This picture was included in a message from Stardoll in your inboxes.

Valentine's Day Nails - Day 6

For the 5th Day of my Valentine's Day Nails Challenge with Sarah I bring you another form of heart join nails.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine's Day Nails - Day 5

For the 5th day of my Valentine's Day Nail Challenge with Sarah I have red hearts on a white background.

Lady Gaga in 1 Week!

1 week until I see Lady GaGa for the 4th time!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beyoncé Superbowl Half Time Show

What did you think of Beyoncé's Superbowl half time show?
I thought it was nice but nothing special... My favorite was still Prince in 2007!!!

Valentine's Day Nails - Day 4

For Day 4 of my Valentine's Day Nails Challenge with Sarah I did a lip print! Mwah~!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentine's Day Nails - Day 3

For the third day of my Valentine's Day nail challenge with my friend Sarah I give you heart join nails! I couldn't resist trying different sets of colors!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine's Day Nails - Day 2

Day 2 of my 15 day Valentine's Day nail challenge with my friend Sarah (WildEdgyNails)

This nail art was actually inspired by a Valentine's Day mug I have in my cupboard that I use to drink tea! I didn't photograph myself holding it though. Instead the tones reminded me a lot of my bottle of Justin Bieber "Someday" perfume... similar colors... enjoy!