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Yesterday morning at 7:30am I heard a big bang and screaming and crying. I looked out of the window and saw a woman lying on the ground in the middle of the street in front of a car. She had been hit by the car right outside my house on Pierrefonds boulevard. So scary! I hope she is ok.

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New Music Videos

 Madonna - Girl Gone Wild

 Katy Perry - Part Of Me

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My Collections - Part 6 - Gerard Butler

The last installment in my Collections series! Gerard Butler!

I became interested in him when I saw the movie "The Phantom of the Opera" in 2004. I really loved the Phantom and the whole movie was great, the songs were great and so catchy and I love musicals so it was great. It was so romantic and even though the Phantom is supposed to be ugly they chose Gerard Butler to play the role and he is so attractive that I couldn't help but think throughout the whole movie that the Phantom was so hot and mysterious and I was just really into him, he was so sensitive and his singing was sensual. I got really into the Phantom scene and loved everything about it.

I also loved Gerard Butler and saw the next movies he would be in. Since he was in The Phantom of the Opera his career has really taken off and he has played in so many more movies, even big movies like 300, P.S. I Love You & How to Train Your Dragon. Before Phantom he was in lots of movies too but more obscure ones that you had never really heard of.

I think it's great that his career has taken off like that. He is a very good actor and very versatile. He is great at doing scary movies and especially action movies because he has a toned muscular body. Yet, he is also perfect for romantic movies because he is great at playing the hopeless romantic type. It is funny how someone could be so good at playing such extremes, but he seems to pull it off effortlessly.

I will see any movie he is in that comes into theaters because I am confident that it will be a good movie if he is in it.

My collection (If you could even call it a collection because it is pretty pathetic) is small and I only really have movies of his... and not very many even at that.... need to work on it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Collections - Part 5 - Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai is a band from the UK that have been around since 1992.

I became a fan of them in 2001 when I first heard the song "Little L" on a dance music show one day... I was instantly hooked on the song and I played it on repeat for days. I had never felt that way about a song before. The next month on the dance music show they played Jamiroquai's next single "You Give Me Something" and I immediately loved that one as well. I then know that I needed more. I was only 13 years old at that time and didn't really know too much about music. I never bought CDs or anything but I wanted to try to buy Jamiroquai's cd. I went to the mall with my mom and we looked for it at the CD store and then asked the guy who works there if he knew where it was. He found it for me and I bought it and I was so happy. I played and played the CD over and over again and I loved it so much. The guy who had helped me at the store had shown me another Cd of Jamiroquai when I was there and I didn't don't Jamiroquai had more than one CD but I knew that I wanted all of their CDs. I went back the the store eventually and bought the other CD that they had. I figured out that they had 5 cds so I was determined to track down the other 3.

I eventually got them all and some singles too but since they were a UK based band they were not very popular in Canada or the US so much and finding their things was hard and I was always frustrated because no one knew who they were and it was annoying to love something so much and not really be able to share it with anyone.

After their album release in 2001 I was so pumped to hear their next album and waited patiently to see what would be next. I would chat on forums with other fans and everything but after a couple of years with no mention of a new album any time soon I unfortunately had to lose a lot of my interest in them. As well as that, other things were going on in my life then and I was discovering other artists as well (Like Prince, ha ha)

I just could not understand how artists like Britney Spears and so on could release albums every year or 2 and here Jamiroquai could go over 3 years with nothing. So my hope was kind of lost and I moved on. Jamiroquai eventually ended up releasing their next album in 2005 and of course since I will forever be a fan even if I am not head over heels for them, I went out to the store and bought it right away and loved it. After that release though, I was not the hardcore fan I used to be so I wasn't biting my fingernails waiting for their next release. The release after that came in 2010 and I bought it at well and love it. Who knows what's in store for those guys now. I will always support what they do and have a place for them in my heart no matter what.

Now there's a funny story about how I got most of my Jamiroquai collection... I originally only had their 5 (at the time) studio albums and 3 singles that I was lucky enough to find in some stores... pretty small collection. I mean, I would trade mp3 cds through the mail with people a lot all the time but these were not official cds or anything really. So I always had cd packages coming through the mail here and there. Then one day a little after Christmas time, I get a huge package in the mail and I am so confused because I wasn't expecting anything to come. I open the package and it is a shoe box full of CDs. I am shocked! I couldn't beleive my eyes. It was a whole collection of Jamiroquai CDs and I didn't know why someone had sent them to me or even WHO had sent them to me because there was no note or anything written anywhere. All I know is that I was very happy and thankful.

I had a Jamiroquai fan website up and running that I managed at that time. I wrote on the site about what had happened and thanked whoever it had been out there. A while later I ended up getting an e-mail from a guy in Australia saying it was him who had sent it to me. He had said that he wasn't so much of a fan any more and had all of the songs in mp3 so he didn't want the CDs anymore and thought I would like them. Even till this day it still seems so surreal to just have a package like that come to my door.

These are the albums.

These are the singles.

Sealed Limited Edition Cassette tape of the album.


So there it is, I finally get to share my Jamiroquai story. It feels good to just get this out there. If someone out there knows of Jamiroquai and is reading this then you have made my day.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Collections - Part 4 - Johnny Depp

Part 4 of my collections series is Johnny Depp.

I became a fan of Johnny Depp when I saw the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" for the first time one day with my aunt in 2004 when it came out in theaters. I was so intrigued by his good looks that I became obsessed with him and made it a goal to try to collect all of his movies. It was hard because I was only a kid in high school and didn't really have too much money but I tried my best.

I would even go as far as buying a magazine if it had a tiny picture of him in it somewhere. Johnny was my life for a while and I could not get enough of him. I shared my obsession with a friend I had and she ended up becoming obsessed with him along with me but I wasn't happy about that because I felt like she was copying me by liking everything I liked so she could seem cool. I don't like people like that who don't think for themselves and just go along with the crowd. I am a free thinker and I don't let myself become influenced by what other people are doing and I don't just simply go along with the crowd.

I liked Johnny Depp for a while but the thing with that girl made me want to stop liking him a little bit. I have not really stopped liking him now, I still admire his work but I am not head over heels obsessed with him anymore like I used to be.

Here is my Johnny Depp collection.

These are my movies. Mostly DVD, a few old VHS. Not quite every single Johnny Depp movie it is a lot of them. I also have "Public Enemies" but I forgot to put it in the picture.

These are my magazines. Years ago I would go to the magazine stand every week and search for any magazine with any picture of Johnny Depp in it and I would buy it.

My Jack Sparrow Shirt. I got it at a thrift store but I have never really wore it lol.

This is a Pirates of the Caribbean key ornament that a girl who was my friend in high school got for me as a souvenir when she went on a trip to Disney World.

This is my 18" talking Jack Sparrow Doll & small Jack Sparrow figurine.

This is my 18" talking Willy Wonka Doll

I have other Johnny Depp things around somewhere but I can't get them out to photograph them. I have a Jack Sparrow poster and a Large Promotional "Secret Window" poster that I got from a DVD store. I have a Jack sparrow PEZ dispenser & Jack Sparrow lip balm. And I have small Willy Wonka figurines... maybe I will get a chance to photograph these things eventually when I get a chance to take them out.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Collections - Part 3 - Michael Jackson

This is the third part in my collections series, Michael Jackson.

I am sad to say that I wasn't really a fan of MJ until he died. I had always known of him and admired him but never really took the time to appreciate his work until it was too late. Before that I remember my dad playing his records at home, songs like "Billie Jean" and "I Wanna Rock With You" all the time. And of course when I was in high school my friend and I would joke around going "a hee hee hee" and "a hoo hoo hoo" in Michael Jackson voices. Also people would call me Michael Jackson here and there because my skin is pale white lol!

Then when MJ died on June 25th 2009 I remember I was at work that evening and my coworker had just been on break and I guess he was listening to the news or something because he came up to me all of a sudden and goes... "did you hear?" and I said no, what... and he says that Michael Jackson is dead. I was very doubtful... I said no it wasn't true... but I was shocked the rest of my shift at work and then the next day it was all over the news of course and it was just so surreal. For about a week all I could think about was the loss of MJ and I felt sad and shocked even though I had never even met him or anything, it just seemed like a dream.

From then on I bought a few MJ things here and there but nothing too big. MJ will always be in my heart.

This is my MJ button pin and sparkle glove. I got the pin at at table at the flea market that sells all Michael Jackson things... I knew I had to have one. They had quite a few but my mom told me I should get this one because he looks so happy and he's smiling. And he wasn't so happy looking in the other pictures. The glove was made by my mom. On the 1 year anniversary of MJ's death, my parents and my boyfriend and I went to a club. My mom and I dressed in matching outfits of jeans and MJ tshirts and she made us these sparkly gloves to wear.

Music & Movies
My Off The Wall record album that I got at the thrift store one day. It's a shame I don't have a record player or I would play it and buy more records too.
Then there is the This Is It DVD. I saw This Is It in theaters with my mom when it came out... such a wonderful film. There was even an MJ impersonator who was dancing around before the movie started.
The next one is a dvd set of Michael Jackson's music videos. My boyfriend bought it for me as a gift for my birthday last year.
And then there is the "Michael" CD which is songs that they made from pieces he did in the studio before he died. I think the album is great.

My magazines that my boyfriend bought me right when MJ died

My shirts. The first one I got at the flea market right when MJ died... I have worn it sooo many times. The second one I found at the thrift store one day and grabbed it.

My collectible action figures... my boyfriend surprised me with these one by one last year... he kept coming home with a new one every week and I was like omg how many of these do they make!!!

And Then of course I showed this before but this is my MJ plaque, again it is a gift from my boyfriend.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Collections - Part 2 - Lady GaGa

Part 2 of my collections series... Lady GaGa.

I have quite a bit of Lady GaGa things. Not quite as many as my Prince things but it is still a lot. Lady GaGa things are easily found everywhere and are not such a hard search to find. I buy almost all the Lady GaGa things I see because I can't resist.

I became a GaGa fan around summer 2008. I went camping that summer and we brought the radio. "Just Dance" kept playing... it was an okay song, didn't really fall for it or anything but I downloaded it. Where I was working at the time, it played on the radio and a guy i worked with told me how he was in love with her and he went to her show that week and she jumped into the audience onto him and other people.... it got me thinking about her. Other friends started talking about her so I was looking her up on the internet a lot and I watched the video for Just Dance and was like "cool". On youtube there was a video saying that her next single would be Poker Face so I heard poker face and went 'HOLY CRAP I LOVE THIS SONG' and then downloaded the whole album... kept up following her since... and the rest is history.

Here is my Lady GaGa collection

These are my many magazines. She is always all over magazine covers and I can never pass up buying them when I see them at the store.

This is my copy of V magazine... I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this at the magazine store. They usually don't sell it in Canada I think.

2011 Calendar. I wanted the 2012 one but I waited too long to buy it and then they ran out at the store :(

Hair Bow, Homemade Fame Glasses, and imitation Versace Glasses

CDs & DVDs

Shirts! I love wearing GaGa shirts in the summer and a lot of people that know me know that! I can be spotted in lots of photos wearing my different shirts here and there. They are nice and comfortable, so why not!
The first one I ordered on Lady GaGa's website but it is way too big on me because I didn't know which size was right. The second one I got at H&M. The third one I bought downtown at a street fair.

... more shirts...The first one I got at the 2nd Monster Ball that I went to from a guy selling them outside, the second one I got at HMV but it is too tight, the third one I got at The Fame Ball from a guy selling them outside.

... and more shirts! The first one I got at the downtown street fair (I have the exact same one in pink too but I forgot to put it out for the photo) and the second shirt my boyfriend got me as a christmas gift from HMV.

This is my homemade Born This Way jacket that I was inspired to make after seeing GaGa's BTW jacket. I knew I had to have one. Getting the right materials was very challenging but I eventually figured it out. I have not worn it out yet though because I am afraid it will get ruined... oh well!

And so concludes my GaGa collection... but there will definitely be more in the future!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Collections - Part 1 - Prince

Hello everyone. I mentioned not too long ago that I would be sharing pictures of my collections. I have begun photographing my collections and I have some ready to show you.

My first collection that I will show you is my Prince collection. It is my biggest collection of all of my collections and I have been collecting since I first became a Prince fan around 2005-2006.

Funny story about how I became a fan. My dad burned me a cd one day of a bunch of dj mixes that he had downloaded. One of the files turned out to be a Prince Very Best Of Cd instead of a dance mix. I began listening to a few songs here and there and then a few more each time and then after a while I would listen to the whole thing all the time and then I realized I wanted more so I began trying to download any Prince song I could get my hands on, knowing that eventually my goal was to have every Prince song.... that was back then. This is now, and I have almost every Prince song out there on my computer.

And here we go with my collection. It will continue to grow of course!

So this is my wall above my computer in my bedroom with my 3 18"x24" huge laminated Prince posters that I had done a couple of months ago... love them!

The corner with my Purple Rain movie frame next to my Michael Jackson frame

This collage I made myself with a collage of my Prince concert tickets and pictures from the concerts and there are some pieces of confetti in there that I kept from the show... good memories :)

This is my collection of Prince Studio albums... oh boy does he have a lot of albums and almost all of them are out of print. I was lucky enough to find someone selling a lot of them on eBay and I got almost all of them in that pack not too long ago. Only a few of them I have bought at the store. They don't have any of the albums at the stores really. I still need a few more and then my collection will be complete! One day!!!

Here they are all stacked up on the side!

Here are some singles that came with the cd lot I bought from the guy who sold me the albums.

These are my movies and live concerts... Purple Rain on Blu-Ray is amazing.

This is my tour book for when I saw Prince live at the Bell Centre. I bought the book because Prince was not allowing any photography at the concert and I was like... well then these will have to be my photos!

My Prince Magazines...

I just got this one on eBay recently.

Prince Photography Book "21 Nights"

My Prince buttons yay!

T-shirts... the white one I had custom made online and the black one I got at the concert :)

My Purple Rain t-shirt... my fav thing to wear when I see Prince Live :D

Purple Rain Mirror Shades yeahhhhhh

3121 Perfume