Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I just bought my tickets to the Born This Way Ball in February 2013..... can't wait! It will my my 4th time seeing Lady GaGa

JWOWW is engaged!

WOW for JWOWW because her boyfriend Roger proposed to her on September 14th!

Happy 500 posts!

This is my 500th post on this blog, thank you everone for reading!
I hope there will be many more posts!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcome 2 Chicago

Prince has begun the first night of his 3 night concert series in Chicago... ahhh how I wish I could have gone :(

Here is a picture just taken from the concert...


Someone posted this on ♥
I love fish so this is adorable!



Omg I wish I could do this with my pet fish


Nicki Minaj at her perfume launch + on The View

Anna Dello Russo Collection coming to H&M

October 4th an accessories collection is coming to select H&M stores.... wish I could get my hands on some pieces but that is a Thursday and I work that day and also it is only at the store downtown, not the one close to me.... ughh!!! I missed the Versace collection last year too :(

Friday, September 21, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New American Idol Judges

Wow, so with all the rumors flying around about who the new American Idol judges will be, a lot of names got thrown out there... some said it would be, or Adam Lambert, or Justin Timberlake... but a name that got thrown out there with all of them was Nicki Minaj and I didn't think much of it until just now when I saw this photo on Facebook....
So these are the new judges of American idol!
Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj & Randy Jackson...
I guess I will watch this show again after having not watched it since season 2.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Jersey Shore!

Looking forward to season 6 beginning October 4th!

Lady GaGa full Fame Perfume Movie

Prince on The View!

According to sources, Prince will be on The View on Monday morning September 17th... He rarely does tv shows so that is amazing news! Can't wait!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Love this girl

2 new albums

I am looking forward to 2 new albums coming out soon at the end of the month with collaboration from Prince. The first is "Superconductor" by Andy Allo and the second is "Raise Up" by Larry Graham.... I hope they are good because Prince has not released any album since 2010 and even though that is normal for most artists, for Prince it is strange because he has pretty much released a new album every year since 1978 (except for a year here and there). Prince said he was taking a break from the music business so he was touring a lot but not releasing any music. It must be hard for him because he is always writing music every day but he is fed up with the way the music industry is going so he said he would wait until something changed.

Here's to hoping Andy Allo & Larry Graham's albums will be good and have a bit of Prince on them!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pauly D Live

Let me tell you about the time I had on Friday night when I went out to see DJ Pauly D live.

I found out only a week before the date that Pauly D was going to be playing in my city... it has really become a habit to find out about these things last minute, but better later than never... right!

I immediately told my friend about it because her are I are crazy for him and the whole Jersey Shore phenomenon. We had already agreed that if Pauly D ever came to our town we would go out and see him. So we agreed right away that I would get the tickets to go see him. They were very reasonably priced too, only $20 each.

I bought the tickets and then all there was left to do was wait.

The week passed by pretty quickly and before I knew it, Friday the 7th of September was there.

After I got home from work that night I grabbed all my things and went to my friends house to get ready and help her get ready. When we were all ready to go we drove down town to the venue and tried to find parking but it was a bit hard. I circled the block a few times but then I found a place and parked.

The area of town was kind of creepy. There was practically no one on the streets or around in general. Everything was very run down and a lot of things were abandoned buildings or buildings under construction. I was scared to be around there!

We walked down the street and turned the corner and saw a big looming building that was lit up by a pink colored light... it really looked like a haunted house or something. Very scary looking.

We waited in line to get in and thought we were missing Pauly D because we took so long to get there. The ticket said the show started at 10:00pm but it was already after 10:30 and we were still waiting in line outside. We were freaking out and anxious to get in. After a while we finally got in and we ran up the stairs wondering if we would actually see Pauly D when we got there.

We pushed through the doors and into the room and look up at the DJ booth and see... someone? But it didn't seem to be Pauly D. We were still not sure for a couple of minutes but this guy was wearing a hat and we doubted that Pauly D would wear a hat because of his hair. We decided to go up for a better look. We got to the front and checked this guy out but it was not him.

For the next hour or so we were wondering where is Pauly D and still thinking that the DJ out there might be him and we looked at the corners of the stage thinking he might pop out at any minute but until midnight, nothing happened. The same guy with the hat was DJing but we didn't know where Pauly D was. We were confused because the tickets say 10:00pm but it was already 12:00am and nothing had really happened.

At midnight something began to happen and we though Pauly D would be coming out. Someone came out but it ended up being this DJ named MC Mario who is very popular in my city on the radio. I was excited that MC Mario was there and DJing but we were there to see Pauly D so I didn't care too much about MC Mario.

MC Mario's job was to rile up the crowd and oh boy he sure did. He kept saying that Pauly D is coming in a minute but after a while I was like umm nope not any time soon.

At 12:45 they put out Pauly D's famous laptop that he uses to DJ and mix songs (the laptop has the colors of the Italian flag on it) and everyone began to go wild and try to take pictures of it.

Another thing people were going wild for and taking pictures of is this guy Jerry who is one of Pauly D's bodyguards and who was on Pauly D's show "The Pauly D Project." It is so cool to see someone from TV in real life. Everyone kept trying to take pictures of him and scream his name but he was so shy and kept trying to hide.

Pauly D finally came out at 1:00am and the crowd went nuts. They played his intro video on the backdrop and it was so cool. I felt such a rush as everything was happening. Pauly D came out and began to DJ and we were all so happy. He played great music and everything.

The bad thing at the show was the people in the crowd with me. I always have problems with people when I go to these shows and I get into big fights easily. I am very short and even with very high heels I have a hard time seeing over tall people. My friend and I made sure to stand as close to the front as we could since we got there early on in the night. Later on some stupid girl who just got there decides to come out of nowhere and try to stand in front of me. She is pushing me and pushing with all her might and I am pushing back and trying not to fall down in my heels. I hold my ground and I don't allow people to cut in front of me when I have been standing there all night. She is pushing so much and I just want her to stop so I hit her and I look around and a crowd of people behind us is trying to rile us up and they are chanting "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" but I did not want to get thrown out of the concert and I did not want trouble, I just wanted to stand in my spot that I had all night. She says to me "I don't want to fight you!!!" a couple of times but at that point I decided I was not saying anything more to this useless girl. So I just ignored her and kept calm after that. The funny thing is that after all that trouble she gave me I looked over 20 minutes after and she wasn't even there anymore... so much for wanting to stand there!!!

At around 2:00am, the girls in front of me decided they were leaving so I was shocked because then I was able to move up to the front against the barrier! I had done it! I was at the front of the concert! I was so happy because no one would be able to get in front of me anymore and I could see everything without straining myself.

I enjoyed myself for the next hour and then at 3:00am Pauly D finished and said his goodbye. He said "I'm glad you came" as he played the song by The Wanted of the same title. And he made us cheer for him to come back to our city another time. Then he said "I have to go now... you know why?" and we asked why and he said "because the cabs are here!!!" and it was so cool!!!

I was happy that it was over because I was very tired and had to work the next day. My friend and I left and went back to the car and drove home and then I went to bed after 4am and had to work at 9am!!! Oh well, not the first time I've done that, and not the last time either!

Even after the concert, my friend and I seem to be mesmerized by Pauly D and we can't stop thinking about him and talking about him. Even though there were some rough times at the concert, we still had loads of fun and we agree that if he comes back we will totally go see him again because it was such a great show.

Here are some pictures I took

This is the club.... looks creepy!!!

Me and my friend

This is the DJ MC Mario who played before Pauly D




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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pauly D

This is a video Pauly D uploaded from the show I saw of him on Friday night!

At 1:02 I noticed that me and my friend can vaguely be seen... yeah buddy we're famous.. haha

And I found this online... it is the video of the intro to Pauly D's show... sooo cute lol!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012


The 2012 VMAS took place on Thursday, September 6th.

Rihanna opened the show, showing off a new pixie cut... net very fond of it but she is lucky she can pull off everything.

Of the performances I enjoyed Pink
I liked Frank Ocean
I liked Alicia Keys
I enjoyed Taylor Swift

I was disappointed though that there were not enough big names like Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber, Usher, Ect... at the awards or performing so it was nothing special and kind of boring to me.

The best moment of the show for me was when Nicki Minaj won for best Pop Female, beating big names like Katy Perry, Rihanna, and even Beyonce, and the whole crowd was shocked, she was even shocked herself and she was so grateful and thankful so I am proud of her for her accomplishments.

VMA fashion picks

I loved Alicia Keys' Outfit

Honorable mentions
Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Rihanna

All in all, I didn't like the show so much and considered it a waste of time. Luckily this show is only 2 hours and that is not as long as most other award shows. Maybe it was just because Lady GaGa was not there or that she was snubbed by the show for any nominations, but anyways... maybe the show will be better next year!

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks at SPIN Magazine Party

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A first look at Snooki's new Bundle of Joy

New pictures of Snooki's baby boy Lorenzo Dominic Lavalle who was born on August 26th in the new issue of People Magazine.

I need a copy for my collection, I already have these:

Oh and I see she's on the new OK Magazine so I need that one too