Thursday, September 13, 2012

2 new albums

I am looking forward to 2 new albums coming out soon at the end of the month with collaboration from Prince. The first is "Superconductor" by Andy Allo and the second is "Raise Up" by Larry Graham.... I hope they are good because Prince has not released any album since 2010 and even though that is normal for most artists, for Prince it is strange because he has pretty much released a new album every year since 1978 (except for a year here and there). Prince said he was taking a break from the music business so he was touring a lot but not releasing any music. It must be hard for him because he is always writing music every day but he is fed up with the way the music industry is going so he said he would wait until something changed.

Here's to hoping Andy Allo & Larry Graham's albums will be good and have a bit of Prince on them!

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