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Alicia Keys - How come you don't call me

Wow! I didn't even know this existed until now! Great cover of a Prince song

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Stardesign Jewelry

I'm starting to get into the new stardesign jewelry feature on stardoll... been making Lady GaGa hair :)

David Guetta & Nicki Minaj - Turn Me On

Love this song ever since I saw it on the AMA's

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Prince Costume on Yoville!

I have always wished for a Prince costume and have been trying to figure out how to make my own for ages on yoville and they actually put one out as well as the symbol guitar and round glasses! Now all I'm missing is a funky hairdo but it will have to wait :)


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I ended up finally getting the day off from work which was a great load off my mind because I was worried about how I was going to get ready and eat all in time before the show. I spent the whole day around the house, getting ready bit bit bit all though the day, eagerly waiting for time to pass. And trying to figure out if there would be an aftershow somewhere and where it would be. I finally got all ready, with my hair extensions and purple ones in, my evening smoky eye makeup all done and my purple rain tshirt and jeans on. I decided to wear my leather jacket so I looked cool and not stupid like if I would wear my big bulky winter jacket. I didn't want to be cold though so I got the 'genius' idea to wear 2 hoodies under the jacket... big mistake, it was so big and bulky  I could hardly breathe or move and when I got indoors it was so ridiculously hot. In the time leading up before I had to leave I had found out that the afterparty would be at a restaurant downtown called "Newtown" I was trying to find details but unfortunately the details were still unsettled by the time I had to leave my house.
I met Dale at fairview at 5:00 so that we could eat dinner before we went to the show. I ate subway and Dale ate at Franks Supreme. All the while I am on my iPhone trying to figure out the details of an afterparty. I had learned that it would be at Newtown on Crescent from 11:00pm-4:00am and it would be $60 at the door upon presentation of your concert ticket. I was still unsure if I would go but I would think about it. We ate until 5:45 and then we began to leave to catch the 470 bus at 5:50. The bus arrived at the Cote Vertu metro around 6:15 and we went down to the metro and got in. It was very crowded and hot in the metro and we had to stand up but it was ok, at least we were on our way. The metro was having some difficulties and kept stopping and I kept hoping that it would not break down before we got to our destination. After each long stop we got to Lionel Groulx and everyone cleared out from the metro. We stayed on and rode it 2 more stops to Lucien L'allier which was where the Bell Centre was located.
We went up the metro and on our way to the Bell Centre. It was 6:40 and there were really not many people around which was kind of strange to me because the last time I was there for the Lady GaGa concert, there were soooo many people all over the place and you could tell there was something going on at the Bell Centre but it didn't look like it this time. Better for me anyway I thought.
We got into the Bell Centre and trekked around trying to find the right way to go. I have been there a couple of times now so things are slightly more familiar than before. The place was pretty dead and when I got to the place where I thought we should be waiting, there were only about 25 people or so waiting in the doors. Dale and I stood and waited with the other bunch of people in the doors in front of a plastic accordion screen that was blocking the entrance so that no one could get inside.
I was looking around trying to figure out where the gift shop would be so that I could get a few goodies. There was an empty kiosk next to us but Dale said it probably wasn't it because it was empty.
I started to hear what I assume was a soundcheck! I was so excited. Prince and the band were there! And they were practicing their sound! I was trying to make out what songs they were playing but they would play for 20 seconds and then stop. Then they started up and I tried to remember what song they were playing and I realized it was "Let's Work!" I was bobbing my head and enjoying it for the 40 seconds or so that they continued on. I told Dale "Hey I know this song!" but he wasn't really interested.
More people started coming in and filling up the area we were waiting in. I looked around and noticed that I was one of the youngest ones there so far aside from one other girl. They were all old people haha!
Then a lady comes and opens the accordion plastic to squeeze herself into where we are waiting and she starts speaking in French, saying that before the concert even starts she needs to tell us that "Mr. Prince" is very serious about a no camera and video recorder policy and he has given strict orders that anyone recording or taken pictures is to be warned once and only once and then after a second offense you will be ordered to leave the concert. A lot of people were shocked and very upset about this. They had some questions for her and she tried to answer them all. She suggested that everyone who had brought their camera and did not want to check it or risk losing it should go put it in their car... well Dale and I don't have a car and I had my 2 cameras hidden in my purse because I had planned to take lots of pictures and videos as I usually do at concerts. So Dale was freaking out and then I told him that i don't know why he is so concerned, he had no intention of taking pictures anyway because Prince is not his cup of tea.
Some security guards came out and told us that there were too many people now waiting between the doors and that we would have to go wait downstairs so that we were not blocking the entrance. We all began to descend the stairway and I didn't want to go all the way down and to the back because we one of the first few people there so a lot of other people who were there first lined up along the sides of the stairs, making sure to leave a clear path down the stairway so that the guards had nothing to complain about. Dale and I were near the top of the stairs waiting patiently for them to open the doors. More and more people kept coming in now and the security would point them down the stairwell to wait. The doors were supposed to open around 7:00pm and it was already after 7. I wasn't keeping an eye on the time but it was probably after 7:30 and we hadn't gone in because apparently they were not done their soundcheck and rehearsal yet. Soon someone finally came and opened the doors to start taking the tickets. We were one of the first few people to have our tickets taken which was good.
The man who scanned my ticket let me keep my ticket and I was so happy because the last time I was there for Lady GaGa the man kept my ticket and I like keeping them as souvenirs to frame so I was upset. The next guy I had to go through wanted to check my purse so I opened it for him. My cameras were well hidden at the bottom of my bag on purpose. He didn't see anything of course but he asked me "Do you have a camera?" and I was worried he would discover it himself so I was nice and honest and told him yes but I don't plan on using it. Which was the truth, I was not going to use it and risk being thrown out. So he wanted to see my camera for whatever reason and it was so well hidden I could barely get it out. I was really holding up the line so he said "ok well just go and check your camera at the checking booth over there" so I said how about I just don't use it, is that ok? and he said no I have to check it. So I said ok and started walking in the direction of the booth and then... kept walking right past it! Like hell if I am going to waste my time and energy checking a camera when I could just have it with me and not use it.
I look and see the gift shop and go up the the counter to check out what they have. I originally wanted a tour book and a poster but all the nice shiny things were so tempting... it was so hard to choose, especially since everything was so ridiculously expensive. For sure I wanted a tour book because I would not be getting any of my own pictures so the tour book would have to be my pictures for the night. The poster was really nice. It was a picture of present day Prince against a backdrop of the Controversy album cover with 80's Prince on it. Pretty cool but the poster was huge and I already have 3 big mounted posters on my wall already so I asked Dale if I should get the poster and he said no because I have enough Prince for one room as it is I guess :(
There were a nice selection of tshirts for sale at a whopping $40 each. I wanted a tour shirt but the tour shirt wasn't special enough in my opinion. It was just the black and white picture of Prince at the piano I think and it was similar to the "Welcome 2 Canada" picture advertising the tour. The other shirt was of the "Take Me With U" single cover image with Prince and the symbol and dove. The next shirt was a picture of present day Prince in a nice black suit with his guitar and I thought he looked really gorgeous in it so I decided I will take that one. The great thing is that after I got it, I noticed on the back of the shirt it is writted "Welcome 2 Canada" so that it kind of is a tour shirt after all even though it didn't have a listing of all the tour dates on it like the other one. They also had prince leggings which were black with the prince logo in white down the leg. Pretty cool and tempting but too expensive and I probably wouldn't wear them in fear of ripping them. They had Prince tambourines ($80 ahh) and symbol necklaces, some other kind of booklet, raspberry berets and I can't remember what else but anyways, the merchant came near me and I told him I wanted a tourbook and a tshirt and he got it for me and I gave him the money ($70 ouch) and then I was happy. Dale went to get a nice $5 coke at the food counter and then we went to the find our seats. We went to the floor entrance and went down the stairs until we got to the floor. Then I showed the man my ticket and he says "Oh, you are not on this side, you are on the other side" I was so sad because my friend had helped me get the tickets because they went on sale on a day I was at work so I couldn't be home to get them and I had told her I wanted the left side of the stage and she had told me she got the left side and then I get there and they tell me it's the right side, and not even the first section but the second section!!! I was so upset! I wanted to be in front of the piano and here I was on the side where there's like... nothing. And the worst part is that I had checked that morning and the nice seats I had wanted were available for whatever reason (poor ticket sales because it was so expensive) and I was so mad because here I buy my tickets the moment they go on sale and someone who buys theirs last minute gets better seats than me :(
Anyways... I had to make do with what I had anyway. It sucked though because we were 2nd row behind these ladies... and in the middle so I had hardly any room to dance. I was all boxed in. At least if I was at the end of the row I could move around more freely.
We sat down and waited for everyone to get settled in. The place was pretty empty so far and Dale looked around and said  it was an "old people convention" which was pretty true.
I was wondering if the place would actually fill up because it was so empty but slowly more and more people kept coming in. They were playing music on the speakers that was lots of old funk and stuff like James Brown, etc. I remember hearing things like "The Big Payback: and "Pass the Peas." I didn't know what time it was but I knew for sure it was after 8:00 when the show was supposed to start. Even before the show started lots of security were telling people no pictures and to put away their phones. After each song ended we would think maybe it was time but more songs would keep playing. They played "Cindy C" from the black album and I was bouncing to that and then could feel that soon Prince would come because they were now playing his songs and some stage helpers were adjusting things on the stage. After Cindy C they played a slow Prince ballad, can't remember which one. But after that I think it was about 8:30 and all of a sudden we saw people coming up through the stage... were they Prince? No. It was the girls! Liv, Shelby, and Elisa come out! Everyone gets up out of their seats to see. They burst into "We Live 2 Get Funky" (A song I am not familiar with at all but it was nice) and then I look around and I see the Bell Centre is full of people! All the seats were full, it was amazing. So I realize.... this is it! The show has begun!!! People are cheering and screaming! The girls are singing strong and then someone is coming up from the stage with a guitar... is it Prince? No, it is Andy Allo! People are cheering her on. Then the girls finish and... D.M.S.R. begins!!! The crowd goes wild! Prince comes out and everyone is so happy and excited and everyone is on their toes! I am jumping and screaming and dancing and singing. It is so great. Then he sings Pop Life and then Musicology which lasts for quite a long time and has some other songs thrown into it.
Then Prince says "Do you remember the 80's?" "Ok I've got 2 songs for you, one song from '82 and another from '86" and then he starts Let's Work and after U Got the Look.
After that it quiets down and I sit down thinking there is a break but then a guitar starts playing something slow and then Prince begins to sing and everyone gets from their seat and it happens to be Empty Room (a song I am not too familiar with but when I heard him say empty room I knew what it was). I don't think anyone really knew the song but it was nice to have a different song.
Then he sang Let's Go which is a cover and I am not so familiar with it but it was ok.
Then he burst into Take Me With U and the crowd was loving it again. It went into Raspberry Beret and Cream. Then Cool/Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough) where Prince kept saying "I wish I had a bigger booty!" and the whole "Montreal!" "Yeah" "Are you hot?" "Yeah" "Do You Know Why?" "Why?" Cuz you're cool" "COOL!" thing and it was so much fun belting out "C...!!! O! O! L...!!!"
Then the girls sang Make You Feel My Love and everyone sat down... kind of disrespectful in a way that we only stand for Prince and deem him worthy of our attention but it's understandable that we are here to see Prince and not his girls.
After that the piano began for Purple Rain and it seemed kind of sudden because it was only about an hour in to the concert and usually he ends with Purple Rain but I figured he was just changing things up for it to not get boring every concert. Prince starts saying "I don't ever want to stop singing this song" and it was very sincere and everyone was so happy to hear him say that. He began singing it with a lot of passion and usually in most of the live performances I have watched he just kind of goes through the song but I felt that he sang it with a lot of feeling this time. As we are really getting into it... purple and gold confetti begins blasting out of these big tubes and it is like a dream! It is just so amazing and emotional and really adds to the magic of purple rain. Everyone is astounded, looking up at the "Purple Rain" with smiles on their faces and trying to catch them. I was trying to catch some but they would flutter just out of my finger tips. I was sad and then the old man next to me who I have been jumping, dancing, bumping, screaming, and singing into the whole night (I must be pretty annoying to stand next to at a concert but hey I get so pumped up and excited, I can't hold it in and why should I) catches a piece of purple confetti in his hand effortlessly and I sigh, thinking how come he can catch one and not me???
The man turns to me and hands me the piece of confetti and I take it... so happy and overjoyed that he knew how much it meant to me. Nice guy! I thanked him and put it in my purse, all happy!
The confetti was so great but I have to admit it was a big distraction from the performance because here Prince is giving a great guitar solo and I am jumping around trying to catch confetti, missing everything.
At this point I am determined to start sneaking pictures even though the security was so tight and they were partolling all night, telling people to put the cameras away. I had the idea to use my iPhone to take pictures and turn the brightness on my screen all the way down so it is not glowing like crazy and noticible. I tried to snap a couple of quick pictures the rest of the night but I got nothing good at all. After that Prince went away and I sat for a moment but then he comes out with Let's Go Crazy and I am sooo overhyped and so is everyone else... I just keep imagining him playing it in the opening of the Purple Rain movie the whole time and pretending I am there and getting as hyped as the people in the movie.
Then he bursts into Delirious and I'm shaking my stuff and dancing like no tomorrow. He goes back into Let's Go Crazy and then starts 1999. I am so happy because I wanted to hear 1999 so badly! I feel like now the party has really started! And no matter what anyone says, these are his big hits that everyone knows and it really works the crowd. After that he plays Little Red Corvette and I am even more happy because that is the other song I wanted to hear so badly! He gets to the breakdown and starts saying the whole "Slow down" bit in his sexy way and everyone is going wild, especially me! It is just so sexual even though I don't think he's supposed to be that sexual but he knows he has to be for the fans sake. I am singing along Slow Down and it is just amazing.
Then he stops and Andy starts in singing "I Love Rock and Roll" and he plays Calhoun Square. Not Familiar with that one but it was ok. And Andy continues with I Love Rock and Roll.
Prince disappears and I would guess that a lot of people left, thinking it was over. But having attended Metropolis and seeing tons of bootlegged concerts, I know Prince is always pretending he is done when he is not.
Shortly he comes out and goes to the piano for the sampler set. The first time I hear a sampler set was when I watched the amazing Stade De France, Paris bootleg and I was blown away seeing Prince sing to the beats of his hits like that and making these crazy new beats with the tracks. He begins of course with When Doves Cry and I am so happy to hear him singing this and sounding exactly like the studio recording. So many artists these days put out tracks and their voice sounds a certain way and when they try to sing live it sounds like a completely different person but he sounds spot on with his studio work. He carried When Doves Cry pretty far because the crowd was really into it and at one point he stops singing and the crowd continues loud enough all in unison "How can u just leave me standing? Alone in a world that's so cold? Maybe I'm just 2 demanding. Maybe I'm just like my father 2 bold. Maybe you're just like my mother. She's never satisfied. Why do we scream at each other. This is what it sounds like when doves cry." and Prince himself was amazed at us, perhaps we were singing it the best he's ever heard an audience sing along? Who knows. All I know is that he was so impressed with us he kept on with the song! Until he got the the next time where it was time for us to the chorus and he stopped and we sang the chorus once again... it was magic! Then he started Nasty Girl but did not sing along of course! Then it was Sign O The Times and sang a bit of that, then played The Most Beautiful Girl in the World and then sang along to Hot Thing. He claimed he had too many hits (like he does every time) and then played a bit of A long Bizarre and then Darling Nikki and stopped and said "I can't play that!" He goes into I would Die 4 U which makes me imagine him singing it at the end of Purple Rain. And then he stops and gets up and bursts into Kiss. He is so amazing during Kiss and I remember him singing it at Metropolis and going into that sexy dance at the extended part and it was so great. And I saw it on the Stade De France Bootleg and sure enough he did it at the Bell Centre and the crowd went wild. He is just so good at being funky and sexy and flaunting his body... he's just always been. After that he disappears and most people leave thinking it's over but I knew there had to be more... that he couldn't let his baby down!
In a minute he comes back with Controversy and I was like "Yeahhhh!" because we wanted more and he gave it to us! "Clap your hands, stomp your feet!"
After that it was over and everyone began clearing out but a lot people stayed behind just in case there would be more. It was almost 11:00 and I guess Prince would be heading the the after party at Newtown... or maybe not because he had a show in Ottawa the next day. The announcer then spoke over the loud speaker and said we could join Prince and the NPG at Newtown so I knew it was over then so I packed up my things and started out. I had mentioned to Dale at one of the breaks in the concert that I might want to go to an after party and if he was up for it. Of course he was NOT up for it because he is not a fan of Prince and he worked the whole day and was very tired. I had made up my mind that I really couldn't miss the opportunity of the after party even though I had to work the next day ad told him after the concert was over that I was going to the after party and he was not obligated to come, that he could go home on his own but for sure I am going to the party. I was only going to stay until 2:30 so I could make a decent bus home. Dale was mad and didn't want to go but came along with me because he didn't want me to be alone downtown at night.... Nice guy eh!
So instead of taking advantage of the concert ending early and going home... we go in the opposite direction on the metro and head further into town until Peel Metro. We get out  of the metro and I begin searching for Newtown. I lead us past Stanley, past all the other streets, until we get to Crescent and then we go down crescent. It is about 11:35 and I am looking for the place. Finally I see it. We go there and there is a bouncer with a line up encased in ropes... pretty big deal I guess?
There are about 20 people in the line and it is moving but slowly. The venue is a restaurant but downstairs there is a small club and the party was taking place there. I prepare my $60 and Dale's $60 cover fees. As I get closer to the front of the line I am listening closely to the music coming from the club... kind of sounds like Prince signing! I start getting upset, hoping I'm not missing anything. I keep thinking that he is performing already and I missing it. I am eager to get in before Prince leaves!
Finally we are at the front of the line and then the bouncer gets the ok to let us in. We go down and pay our cover charge and there is a coat check but I didn't want to check my coat. I went in and theres some people dancing and so on. A couple of people hanging around the bars... some people in the back sitting on couches and socializing. I go near the back of the room and put all my stuff on a counter where  you are supposed to put your drinks. I park myself there and start dancing a bit, checking out the room. Directly across the room from me is a band area set up with drums, keyboards, guitars, etc.. so something was going to happen. Dale is not pleased. After a couple of minutes he goes... "can we go now?" I say "Ha ha...NO!" DJ Rashida is there at the DJ booth next to the band setup and she is spinning great music. I believe she was playing Sexy Dancer when I walked in. I was happy that it wasn't really Prince I was hearing when I was waiting outside, just a recording, Phew! I didn't miss anything! I didn't know if Prince would even be there or playing anything, but it was a risk I took. Even so, the idea was fun in itself, a bunch of people together having a Prince concert after party, jamming out to great music.
I knew for sure that this girl Marla Joy was to perform that night because the party flyer had said that.
I was just having a good time, dancing to good music and every now and again Rashida would throw in some Prince of The Time tracks. Some of the music I remember her playing (In no particular order)
I Wanna Be Your Lover, I Feel for U (Chaka Khan Version then Prince Version after), Get It Up, Nasty Girl then Sex Shooter, 777-9311, Hot Thing, My Prerogative, The Breaks, Let's Work, Cool, Kiss Extended Version, U Got The Look, A Love Bizarre, Good Life, Off The Wall, Rapper's Delight, Housequake, Poison, Pass The Peas, DMSR, Do I Do, Humpty Dance, Wild And Loose, It Feels Good, Love Come Down, and many other great old school hip hop, rap, funk, etc tracks. DJ Rashida is a really great DJ and she has such great taste in music. She played all these songs that I love so much and play all the time myself.
I think it was around 1:30am when Prince came down!!! He went to DJ Rashida and was next to the DJ Booth and everyone started freaking out and pulling out their cameras trying to get a picture of him (Including me). As he was walking near the crowd he put his hand up and called out "Please, no pictures!!!" and then security came and made people put away their cameras. He was near the crowd and I went down to go see if I could get to him to say hi or something. I pushed my way through a lot of people and I am very short so I couldn't see anything. I was pushing my way through one last person before I was at the front but the guy goes to me "Hey what do you think you're doing???" And I was in a good mood, not wanting to start any fights or anything" I say in all honesty "I can't see!!!" and he says to me "I have been standing here for 1 hour you are not going in front of me." So I say "What is the difference if I stand in front of you, you can still see!" Because I am only 5 feet tall and he was a good foot taller than me and standing behind him was like standing behind a brick wall. He was pushing me out of the way and I was upset that people can be so heartless and cruel as to not allow someone who can't see to stand where they can see.... so I try to get around to the other side but it is clear that I am not getting anywhere near that stage so I was sad and went back to where I had been all along before, on elevated ground. It was at the back of the room but at least I had a clear view of everything... the nerve of some people! Prince wasn't even there by the time I had been near the front. He had been spooked out and he disappeared and everyone was really sad. But it was understandable! I mean, he is just trying to having fun and have a party and everyone wants to take a picture of him like he is some kind of animal.
The stage helpers kept tuning the instruments for a while and then Marla Joy came out and went into strong renditions of big hits like Rocksteady, Piece of My Heart, and other songs in that genre. She was good but pretty much an unknown. I guess her job was to rile us up and she sure did get the crowd going because everyone was having a great time but we all knew that we were there for Prince.
At one point Marla Joy says that if we want Prince to come back we have to put all our cameras and phones away because he doesn't like that. We were so pumped to hear that he would be coming back, most people complied with this. Marla Joy played till 2:00am I guess? Then she went away and we cheered her on and DJ Rashida continued spinning. The stage helpers spent a long time bringing in different instruments and tuning the.
I had originally wanted to leave at 2:30am but now I could see that this would not be happening because I couldn't leave before Prince came on. So I said I will leave at 3 I guess... but that did not happen!
After a while, the NPG came down and started pumping us up! Shelby and Liv may be annoying at times but they sure do know how to get a crowd riled up! Liv was singing along with the rap songs that Rashida was playing and in general it was great now that the NPG were there! At least we knew something would happen! Prince came down and was hiding behind the NPG a lot and talking to them and he was smiling and having a good time even though he was hiding.
At one point DJ Rashida is playing It's like a Jungle Sometimes and then the NPG gets all set up on their instruments and begins playing along to the tune. Rashida fades out the record and then its all the NPG playing the beat of It's Like a Jungle Sometimes on their own. It's great and funky and Liv begins singing and getting us pumped. Then Shelby starts and she is great. Prince can't resist but take the keyboard and he starts jamming out for a little bit but then he gets up and fades away into the shadows to hide.
Cassandra has a little moment where she is singing and she has a beautiful voice. She is playing notes on the keyboard and singing along to the same key. It is impressive.
Then Prince goes over and  takes the keys again I think and after he goes and takes the bass from Eda and starts jamming out. They had a jam of "Get Wild" for a while. And then Prince played his little bass medley the way he plays it at concerts sometimes, the Sexy Dancer/Le Freak, 777-9311, The Stick medley. It was hot! He did not say anything but it was nice to watch him playing and having fun. At one point he asked for the microphone and everyone was like hey this is it! He is gonna start singing!!! but he did not sing. I can't remember for the life of me what  he said in the mic, and it is bothering me but I think he was just saying the names of his band members and how impressive they are ehhhh? I don't think he said anything else apart from that.
Elisa had her moment and sang a nice song, beautiful voice. Liv and Shelby kept saying that we are gonna party till the sun comes up, you know 7am, 8am, who cares! I was a little nervous because I had to work the next day and Dale was freaking out shaking his head saying no way.
Prince then took the Guitar from Andy and played the guitar with his back to the crowd because he didn't anyone taking his photo. Security were constantly shining lights on people who were using camera and calling them out.
Towards the end of the jam session they started with the "It takes 2 to make a thing alright, it takes 2 to make it outta sight" chant and then I looked at my phone and it was 3:54 and then Prince and the NPG finished and that was it! They were done and left!
I was sad but a bit relieved because I was out so late and needed to get home and I don't drive, I have to take the bus so we were lucky because we were going to be able to make the last night bus.
DJ Rashida put the beats back on and played the new Extraloveable and I was dancing to that and then she put on the new Dance 4 Me Remix and then after that she put some non-prince music on. It was 4:05 am and I told Dale we could leave! He was relieved and we left. Then I needed to get to Rene-Levesque and Bishop to take our first bus. The bus was supposed to come at 4:17am and I did not know which way to start walking so I asked a man outside smoking and he lead me in one direction and when I looked down at my phone GPS I saw right away that this was the wrong direction... stupid guy.
We walked down the street and it was like a ghost town. The parties were all definitely over for the night! We made it to the bus stop with a few minutes to spare. The bus came 2 minutes late and I was worried because it was 4:20 and the next bus we needed to take was at 4:30 and I wasn't sure where the bus stop was.
I asked the bus driver for help but she didn't really know. After a few minutes we get to the end of the line and she points out the bus stop so I thank her and go look... it is 4:27 and I look at the sign and it says east and I am going west.... good job! So where is the bus stop??? That always happens to me. I end up missing buses while being in the right area but not knowing where the exact stop is. So I circled around the area looking at every bus stop sign and then at the other side I find the stop and I thank god and hope that the bus hasn't already passed yet because it was 4:29 and sometimes they pass early.
A bus waiting around the side starts up and puts the lights on and I am pretty sure it is out bus. It comes around and it is!!! I get on, happily. This bus would bring us right to our front door so at least we were on our way home.
The bus drove and there were a bunch of annoying guys in the back of the bus making trouble, singing, fooling around and the bus driver was mad. He was driving so slow the whole time. Doing 40km/h the whole ride. It took sooo long but I guess he didn't anyone to miss the last bus of the night.
We got home at 5:15am. I got all my stuff prepared for the next day and then went to bed at 5:30 and tossed and turned a bit because of all the excitement.
At 7:40am my alarm rang and I trudged out of bed to get ready for work... at least my hair an makeup was already done ha ha!
I went to work on 2 hours of sleep and worked my entire 9-5 day as a zombie in a blur.
Was it all worth it? YES!!!


So as a lot of you already know I went to go see Prince on December 2nd and it was amazing! I have a giant review/story about my night coming!

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But I am going to blog again now!

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Michael Jackson Verdict: Conrad Murray Guilty Of Manslaughter

Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray,
was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter
today. The verdict was read shortly after 1pm
Pacific time.

Throughout the six-week trial in Los Angeles,
prosecutors portrayed Murray as a careless
physician whose negligence caused Jackson
to die while under the effects of the drug propofol.
Murray is expected to face up to four years
in prison and the loss of his medical license.


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TIME Magazine Top 100 Lists

Look what made it to the Top 100 albums of all time list

and the Top 100 Songs of all time list

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It looks just like her!

Monster Ball Opening

Brings back so many good memories.... this is the best part of the concert!

Marry the Night Cover

Monday, October 17, 2011

my X FACTOR favs

Stacey Francis - Purple Rain <3

Lakoda Rayne - Born This Way <3

Tiah Tolliver - No Diggity <3

Beyonce - Love On Top

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So gorgeous, I really love this look!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

There is one game on Facebook out of all of them that I really love to play and I have been playing it for a few years. It is Yoville and I don't know if you have played it or seen it but it is pretty fun. The point is to buy and decorate homes and you can dress your avatar up as well. I have played this game on and off but lately I am really into it again. This month happens to be my favorite time on Yoville.... it is the Halloween theme! Halloween is the best time on Yoville. I love the scary houses and items and costumes and you can even make haunted house partys and trick or treating events... I am really looking forward to this! Today they finally released the house and a few of the items but every week they put out more and more stuff so there is lots more to look forward to! Can't wait!!!

This is the outside of the new Halloween house!

Sain't Row 3

Can't wait!!! It's the only game I play on xbox really and I have 1&2 so of course I need to buy the third one! It comes out next month with all the other new releases.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Ahaha this page is definitely something to LOL about.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Prince copycat on x-factor!

Siameze Floyd Advances on 
‘X Factor’ Thanks to His
Prince Copycat Routine

Amy Sciarretto

On tonight’s episode of ‘X Factor,’ we met Siameze Floyd, who claims he wants an energy drink named after him once he attains the level of mega-stardom that he is convinced is his destiny. Yes, he really said that during his pre-performance interview. He was essentially Prince, Jr. once he hit the stage.

With his blown out, fabulous locks that are reminiscent of comedian Kat Williams, his skintight jeans, fitted coat and his small stature, Siameze performed with so much unbridled energy that it was like he down a crate of energy drinks before he took the stage. Actually, he doesn’t need an energy drink. He should just bottle whatever courses through his veins, since it’s limitless and has the same effect.

While Siameze’s vocal ability left quite a bit to be desired, he was dancing like a nimble, acrobatic maniac. Splits? Check. High-legged kicks? Check. Tons of manic energy? Check. The only thing missing were Chuck Norris-style roundhouse kicks. Siameze was a hybrid of absolutely brilliant and completely awful at once, which judge-at-the-time Cheryl Cole acknowledged. Simon Cowell immediately assessed the situation — that Siameze is aping Prince, saying. “It’s very copycat but there is something fascinating about you.”

Yeah, in the can’t-look-away-from-a-car-crash way.

L.A. Reid nixed Siameze, but everyone else gave him a pass. So we’ll get to see more of Siameze. He doesn’t need a siamese twin, either, since he’s borrowing from Prince’s DNA.

Watch Siamez Floyd Perform on ‘X Factor’

Monday, September 19, 2011

National Covergirl Winner (Canada) 09/19/11


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Hey Curly ;)
I curled my extensions

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Can't read my poker face........... ♫

Versace coming to H&M!

I heard about this a few months ago but now there is more info... can't wait!

"One would think that after years of collaboration surprises, successes and even a few failures the world would get progressively less excited. But despite sooner releases—Missoni for Target, Karl Lagerfeld for Macys, the Kardashians for Sears!—everyone’s salivating over Versace for H&M. This image, of Abbey Lee Kershaw in a bright Chinoiserie dress and pants with a classic Versace medallion belt, is from the collaboration’s official lookbook. It leaked this morning, first on I Know Something You Don’t Know, then the Fashion Spot and finally Fashionista. It’s a far cry from the all leather looks that debuted alongside the announcement of the collaboration and further proof that there really will be something for everyone. The collection launches on November 19th."

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does whatever a spider hat does

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I thought this was a funny ad on the website for my tv/internet service. I always joke with my friends when I have to tell a long story about something that happened "let's tell my whole life story...."

Monday, August 29, 2011

My review of the 2011 VMAs

It's that time of year again... time for me to review the VMAs for 2011.

The Show got off to a good start with Lady GaGa opening. I liked her little monologue she spoke as her male counterpart "Jo Calderone." She is a very good actress and has taken theater classes so it is great seeing her put those skills to use. The performance was great and the vocals were spot on. It was great seeing her perform with Brian May of "Queen." And I couldn't believe my eyes when she had spilled beer all over the floor and then jumped down off the piano and slipped and fell. Luckily the cameras turned away when it happened so that it wasn't so noticeable. But it was great that she kept singing and didn't even show any sign that anything had happened. As they say... the show must go on!


Concerning fashion choices of the stars, I am not too fond of copycats. I like Nicki Minaj but COME ON. This is clearly something GaGa has worn.


And then there was Katy Perry's flop of an outfit...
It's like "Hey I'm Katy Perry I'm so cool because I wear weird shit and I'm so weird" 
but in reality everyone was like "wtf is that even supposed to be??? She tries to hard" at least that's what I thought.

And her oriental outfit wasn't nice either... EW. DO YOU GET DRESSED WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED OR WHAT.
I don't get how Katy Perry and Kanye West won best collaboration when Kanye's rap on E.T. was like thrown in the the beginning and end and in my opinion didn't even sound like it had anything to do with the song. I only ever even heard him in the song when I first saw the video. The song sounded perfectly fine without his little out of place addition. On top of that when Kanye and Katy went up on the stage to accept the award, Katy makes a crack about his little VMA interruption from 2 years ago even though it has long passed. He did not seem very pleased and he must have really been holding back on saying something to her. She was so annoying with her whole "Omg this is my first VMA!!!!111" garbage and Kanyes like "umm I got tons of these...?" GTFO Katy Perry lol

The 'performance' by Chris Brown was really good and I really enjoyed it even though he didn't sing. The dancing was great and the flying through the air was something to see. I still don't forgive him for beating up Rihanna but oh well.... speaking of Rihanna... where was she and why wasn't she at the VMAs???

ADELE's performance was long and boring and very shitty in my opinion. And the whole time I was wondering out loud "how the fuck does anyone like this???" I just don't get it. What is so special about this girl??? I don't understand how it is always a fight for #1 on the billboard and itunes charts for Adele and Lady GaGa... In my opinion there is no competition when it comes to Lady GaGa but maybe there is something wrong with this world.

Beyonce's performance was cute and I was so shocked to hear that she is 4 months pregnant. She showed her tummy at the end of her performance and it was HUGEEEE!!!

The tribute to Britney Spears was great but way too short and they didn't do enough of her music videos. But it was pretty cool to see all of those Britneys prancing around on the same stage lol! Britney was really happy and I think she liked it a lot. It was funny when GaGa tried to kiss Britney like Britney and Madonna did a few years back on the VMAs but Britney is on strict watch by her dad (so I've read in tabloid magazines) and if she would have done it she would have been in a lot of trouble because she is trying to portray this wholesome young girl image and they don't want her doing anything unplanned or strange that could affect her career and her wellbeing. Basically they don't want her having another mental breakdown again so everything she does is planned out, she isn't even allowed having a cell phone or going anywhere or saying anything on her own... poor girl. Anyways... I know if she had kissed Gaga it would have been so amazing and it would be the talk of the year and I know she really wanted to do it but she knew deep down inside for the sake of her career and reputation that she couldn't do it because they don't want her to get any bad press :(


The tribute to Amy Winehouse was great too and I thought Bruno Mars really did the song justice.

Pitbull's Performance was pretty good :)
Lil Wayne's performance was like ummmmmmmm keep your shirt on :P

Oh and Jessie J's commercial performances were amazing, if only we could have hear the whole things!

(But this outfit was definitely a Lady GaGa copy booo)

Priceless was Justin Biebers face when he saw Jo Calderone



It is 2 years since he has left us. He would have turned 53 today.

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I will be wearing all Gaga VMAS outfits until the big day!

Here is the first outfit