Tuesday, October 4, 2011

There is one game on Facebook out of all of them that I really love to play and I have been playing it for a few years. It is Yoville and I don't know if you have played it or seen it but it is pretty fun. The point is to buy and decorate homes and you can dress your avatar up as well. I have played this game on and off but lately I am really into it again. This month happens to be my favorite time on Yoville.... it is the Halloween theme! Halloween is the best time on Yoville. I love the scary houses and items and costumes and you can even make haunted house partys and trick or treating events... I am really looking forward to this! Today they finally released the house and a few of the items but every week they put out more and more stuff so there is lots more to look forward to! Can't wait!!!

This is the outside of the new Halloween house!

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