Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Yay! I saw Lady Gaga last night in my hometown at her show "The Born This Way Ball"
It is the 4th time I have seen her live but it is the first time I have seen the Born This Way Ball. It was a very good show.

I had to work that day and I wasn't able to leave too early so I got to the show after the doors had already opened. I had floor tickets so by the time I got there, there was no space at the front. I wanted a more calm concert experience anyway because every concert I go to I end up in bad fights with other fans over trying to keep my spot in front so this time I hung out in the back and I did not end up in any altercations!

The website said the show starts at 7:00, the tickets say 7:30 so I didn't know who to believe! But when we got there around 7:00 it was still an opening act on stage. I wasn't really sure who or what it was so I wasn't too interested in watching. Around 7:30 "Madeon" came out, who was another opening act. Madeon is a DJ and he was spinning dance music until around 8:00. I enjoyed this because I love dance music and it was really nice to listen to.

Then we waited and waited and waited for something to happen but it seemed to be taking forever and I was getting annoyed and tired and sore. Gaga finally came on around 9:15 and soon enough I was fully excited!

I wasn't close to the stage so it was kind of hard to see anything but the sound was very nice. Lady Gaga has such a nice, strong voice and she could sing anything and it would sound good.

There was a vendor selling glowing hair bow headbands that change colors and I wanted one so my boyfriend tracked her down as she was walking around and he bought me a glowing hair bow... yay! I wore it the whole concert but it was so tight on my head it was giving me a headache.

All in all, I was pretty happy with the concert. I enjoyed all the songs she sang and they sound pretty good live. Would I see Gaga again? Of course! Can't stop now!

Some pics:

Me and my glowing hairbow

My boyfriend and I

The stage set up

This is ended up being the best picture I took of her... ugh!

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