Saturday, May 29, 2010


I have never driven a car and I really want to learn so badly. I went to go get my learners permit and got it last November. Not I have to learn how to drive. I could go to driving school but it is very expensive so I wanted my dad to teach me. Well the problem with that is that he drives standard which is a lot harder to learn than automatic. So last Sunday I met up with him and began my first driving lesson. Let's just say that I think that it might have been my LAST driving lesson because I am like screwing up his car so much. His car is really really old to begin with and it is on it's last days pretty much. I stalled the car about 15 times because I let up the clutch too fast. I am able to do everything but it's the stupid clutch that's the problem. So he says I am terrible and probably won't be able to drive a standard ever and should learn an automatic. Well is it really my fault? It was my first time! Am I really supposed to be an expert and get it right my first time? So I am really sad now and I don't think he wants me to practice with his car any more so I don't know what to do because I don't really have any one else who wants to teach me so I guess I am doomed :'(

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