Friday, December 21, 2012


Last night marked the series finale of Jersey Shore and boy am I sad!

The series ran for a whole 6 seasons but it seems like it was only yesterday that we heard of these 8 guys and girls moving into the Shore House together.

It was a very sad and heartfelt finale show because the housemates were all so emotional about their Jersey experience. The show changed their lives so drastically. Many of them are now household names and have their own business ventures to keep them busy. It's amazing what one little show can do.

It is also a sad time because the Jersey Shore itself (Seaside Heights) where they had filmed, was severely destroyed. Hurricane Sandy wiped out the boardwalk, the rides, and pretty much everything else as it passed through.

I really hope they rebuild the shore because I had always wanted to go visit but that idea is put aside for now.

I hope for the best for the cast of Jersey Shore in whatever else they will move on to next. I hope they reunite again in the future for a movie or something but who knows.

So long Jersey Shore!!! :(

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