Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Purple Rain Halloween Costume!

+If you know me by now, you know that I love dressing up in different costumes around Halloween time. It has always been my favorite 'Holiday'. I love dressing up as celebrities in particular. The last couple of years I have gone out as Lady GaGa 2 times, and Michael Jackson last year. Well this year I will continue with my trend and perhaps live out a little wish of dressing like Prince. I am always influenced by his style and look. He is a very fashionable man and I, of course, adore and respect him. It is hard to integrate his looks into my wardrobe really firstly because he is a man, and second of all a lot of the looks I love so much are from the 80's and are not really acceptable to wear now. I will always be a fan of the shoulder pads, studs, big hair, rhinestones, etc... even though I can't always pull it off.

Halloween is giving me an opportunity to rock a Prince look and I have been planning really since last year when I went as Michael Jackson. The last couple of months I really got my plan into gear. I went to the thrift shop and found a purple blazer and a black curly wig. I bought pyramid studs, white buttons, and a frilly blouse online. Recently I put the studs into the jacket and sewed the buttons on a pair of pants.... and then, easily enough, my costume was complete!

I tried the complete look on today for the first time and I am quite happy with the results. Of course I don't look anything like Prince and I look like Prince if he had grown some boobs and gained a lot of weight but anyways... here is my attempt at Prince's Purple Rain outfit that is an iconic piece of history... can't wait until Halloween so I can wear this out!!!

The real outfit:

My costume:

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