Monday, October 22, 2012

Snooki Baby Life: Jersey Shore Star Wants Her Party Life Back



"Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi says she wants her party life back. One insider told Star magazine, "Snooki is constantly whining about how much she wants her pre-baby life. The only thing she's wanted to do is drink with her friends." The 24-year-old mother is having trouble facing responsibility since she's been use to being taken care of rather than taking care of someone else.

The Jersey Shore star has had her mother, Helen Polizzi help her fiance, Jionni LaValle with their new born son, Lorenzo. LaValle has been very supportive of his fiance and stood by her side offering emotional support and her depressed binges on fast foods. According to Star, things have gotten so bad that she kicked him out of bed, "He finally had enough one night and confronted Snooki, telling her she needs to quit choosing hr friends over family, step up and be a mother and a partner to him," a source says.

Despite their relationship woes, the couple still plans on getting married on the second season of "Snooki and JWoww," but sources believe that their relationship may be over shortly afterwards. The upcoming finale of the "Jersey Shore" coming to a close, Snooki will be busy with a unique business venture. The reality star will be promoting her new boxer, Patrick Hyland who will fight in Las Vegas in December. Hopefully, she can lean to separate business, party, and family before its too late."

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