Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I SAW LADY GAGA AGAIN TONIGHT!!! That is a pic of her that I took. 
Well I had floor tickets and I managed to be very close to the front which was sooo cool because last time I had bad seats and she looked like an ant, so I actually got to see her this time! LOL. There were stupid bitches though trying to stand in front of me and I'm like a midget so I wouldn't tolerate it so I was pushing them out of the way. I mean I wore 5 inch heels even and I was still too short to see over everyone. I think people these days are too tall wtf. Anyhoo, I am pretty deaf now because we were in front of the speaker and I hope I will able to hear again one day D: Well anyways it was a blast and I knew it would be.

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