Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Sims 3

So I finally gave in and bought The Sims 3 after my friend kept bugging me to get it and I was having lots of problems trying to get the game to work because I wanted to play it on my mac which is my primary computer that I always use. But the mac wouldn't play it so I had to try on my PC that I never really use and it worked in the PC but it was way too slow so I asked my dad to help me upgrade the PC to make it run faster in order to play the game and we are having troubles with some of the parts! Anyways for the moment I am able to play a bit better although some of the parts still have to be changed.... I am really liking this game and soon want to get my sims looking like Lady GaGa but I am not sure how to do it just yet because I'm still really new to the game.

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