Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm in love with the vegetable I recently found out about from my aunt. It is called "okra." I went to her house for dinner a few weeks ago and she served it as a side dish with the meal and I was like "omg this is really good!" so I tracked down where I could buy it from. One of the fruit and vegetable stores near me sells it. I've never really seen it before and I've only seen it at that store but it is my newest craze!

This is Okra


  1. Wow thanks for the tip! I live in a city so I'm sure i can buy it some where is there something you can compare it to?

  2. It tastes kind of like... green beans with butter on them but you don't need to put butter so it's like... amazing.

  3. i dont like okra but ive tried fried okra

    btw its shyla (cheaptrickgal)