Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lady GaGa items!!!

So I ordered some items from the official Lady GaGa website in the beginning of october hoping that I would get my stuff for Halloween..... of course I didn't and had to improvise!!! So every day since last week I have been checking my mail non stop to see if I had gotten my stuff yet. And today I open my mailbox to find...... my package!!! It's too late for halloween but oh well I don't need a special occasion to go GAGA! I bought a hairbow which I am sooo happy matches my hair color!!! I bought lady gaga's glasses and I bought a tshirt that I liked that happened to be on sale. I love the bow and glasses but I am a bit upset because I didn't know what the shirt sizes would be like because some places make their shirts very small so I took a large and this shirt is too big for me! I hope it shrinks in the wash!!! I will take pix of me wearing my stuff tomorrow! For now here are pix from the Lady Gaga website of what I bought.

This bow

These glasses

This shirt


  1. I bought the glasses at her concert last week :D I resisted temptation last february they were €50 but they were half price this time round in Dublin! Bought them on the spot! I love them! We procrastinated leaving the venue and when we went round the back of the venue to get the Luas home they had the Subway carraige outside ready to be packed up! It was close enough to touch! I got my photo in front of it :P

  2. Wow that is so cool I would love to be able to do that!
    Yes last time I went to her concert I saw them selling the glasses at the stand and I wanted to buy them but it was starting to rain and we wanted to get into the concert to get good spots to stand so I couldn't buy them and I kept thinking about how I should of bought them but then I saw them online and was so happy! They are really great sunglasses I will probably wear them all the time in the summer!