Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hey everyone! The wait is over! I have finally unveiled my 3 new suite rooms. I had the idea to do these rooms for a while but kept putting it off because I hate changing my rooms because I like the way they are. Stardoll needs to make it so that you can have more rooms in your suite because I have so many ideas and so much stuff and no where to put it!

My first new room depicts Lady GaGa's 2009 VMA Performance of Paparazzi where she started bleeding and hung from the ceiling

My second new room is a mix of Lady GaGa's Fame Ball Tour "Monster" and her Monster Ball Tour "Alejandro"

My 3rd new room is a tribute to my favorite childhood game, Candyland. I have always been obsessed with it since I first played the game years ago. The game itself isnt the greatest but I was always amazed by the artwork and the characters.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my new rooms! I have so many more ideas but its always a lot of trouble deciding which room I am going to get rid of to make a new one!

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