Thursday, March 10, 2011


I finally watched Burlesque yesterday. I know I am a bit late but I waited for it to go on dvd. I heard a lot of bad reviews for this film saying that it was very cheesy and predictable and copies movies like Showgirls, etc... So I was expecting a crappy movie. Boy was I wrong! This was actually a pretty decent movie! I am not really a Christina Aguilera fan, nor a Cher fan but I do love musicals and this was a really great musical that had me smiling and feeling like I was really hooked on every scene.

Plus Christina looked really cute in this film (She got really fat now) and Cher was pretty.

I loved all of the musical numbers and dance routines and I will probably download the soundtrack.

One of my fav scenes is where Ali goes up on stage for one of the first times and the girl who doesn't like her cuts out the sound and Ali starts singing the song on her own... it was pretty cool!!!

And I love these shoes from the movie!!!

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