Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monster Ball!!!

On April 25th 2011 I went to see Lady GaGa at The Monster Ball in my home town. I had bought the tickets last october and it had seemed so far away but the time flew quickly and I had a blast! It was the third time i had seen GaGa live. The first time was November 27th 2009 for The Fame Ball, The second time was June 28th for The Monster Ball, and this was the third.

It was fun of course. Gaga puts on a great show as always but The Monster Ball has been going on so long now. It is still a special show, but not as special as it first was, especially for me when I have seen it and it is the exact same show I have already seen.

There were a few minor changes from the one I saw last year though. She cut out So Happy I could Die and the whole Living Dress (I loved that part aww) and Speechless and replaced them with You & I and Born This Way sung on the piano.

So now I will tell you from the beginning how my night went. I got the day off from work and met up with my boyfriend and my friend at their work and we went right away to eat dinner before we go to the show because the price of food at the arena is ridiculous. After dinner we went downtown to the arena and arrived around 6:00. I looked around and saw GaGa's Tourbus parked in the distance and I was freaking out saying that we should go get pix with it and go knock on the door but my friend and my boyfriend told me no that we should find out where we have to go before it gets late.

By the time we figured out where we should line up and got in line it was 6:30. We had floor standing tickets so it's good to get there earlier because you have a chance at standing closer to the stage. While we were in line we were looking at all the crazy costumes and outfits everyone was wearing and also a man selling some *Illegal* GaGa tour tshirts came out to us and I bought one for $20 :D

We were waiting in line until 7:00 and then they let everyone in little by little. When we got into the arena I was upset because the front near the stage was already full of people and I am soooo short so I was worried that I can't see because everyone is way too tall. From 7:00 until 8:00 we were waiting there and a bit before 8:00 everyone kind of moved up so I ended up being almost in the same spot as I was last time I saw her.

At 8:00 Lady Starlight came out and tried to keep us busy by chugging a bottle of Jack Daniels and dancing around to some rock music. At 8:30 Semi Precious weapons came on and did a few songs. They were really good. At 9:00 the curtain closed and we waited around while they played Michael Jackson music on the speakers like they usually do. I thought GaGa would come at 9:30 and she was supposed to but she is always late so she didn't come until a little after 10:00. We were really getting mad because it sucks having to stand up in the crowd for a long time and there's nothing to do. And you can't really move and your feet hurt. As every Michael Jackson song ended we thought she would come out but they just kept playing his songs and at one point the crowd was so upset we all started booing when the next Michael Jackson song came on. I don't get why she is always late. It's really annoying when you are standing around and you don't know when she's coming.

When the introduction began everyone was so excited. It is really my favorite part of the concert when the mesh is on the curtain and the "Finally" song plays and then it counts down from 10... it is amazing. And then she sings Dance in the Dark. My friend had never seen GaGa live and started freaking out when she saw GaGa for the first time. She tapped me on the arm and pointed "OMG IT'S HER!!!!!!!!!!!" and i'm like "I know!"

So the concert continued and GaGa did her thing and it was entertaining. At one point someone threw her a Canadian flag and she was wrapping it around her. I loved it.

GaGa was singing and singing and then she says that there is still 45 minutes left of the show and my friend and boyfriend are getting mad because it is getting very late. It was already after 11:00.

I was anxiously waiting for her to perform Born this Way and possibly Judas but we were tired of standing and eager to go home and worrying that we would not be able to catch the buses if we left too late so when she was finished performing Bad Romance it seemed as though she was done (She usually ends the concert with it) so we started on our way out to avoid getting stuck waiting for everyone to leave. While we were climbing the stairs she comes out and does Born This Way. I was so shocked and disappointed that I was on my way out but I stopped to listen to it from where I was but the security guard came behind us and told us we cant stand there and we have to keep moving. So we started climbing the stairs again but there were all people blocking the rest of the way so I stopped again and watched the rest. After she finished Born This Way she left and then it was really over and on the speakers came Judas and a projected image of the Judas cover. And then we left.

On our way out I saw the Tour buses parked on the curb outside and I freaked out saying I need pix now! So I took the pix and I was happy!

We got home around 2am and I had work the next day. We were all exhausted! But of course it was worth it. I can't wait for the Born This Way Ball!

Here are a few pix I took!

And this is me at the concert


  1. Wait if she cut so happy I could die what happens after the twister????

  2. i love ur nails lol hahaa :)

  3. Thanks Shyla :)

    There was no more twister :P

  4. Oh my gosh! The pictures you got were so good! I saw Katy Perry last night and the pictures I got were crappy.

    I wish I could see Gaga live. She must be amazing live.

  5. Oh :( would love to see monster ball again sounds like it's changed a lot!

  6. Thanks Mal Way, the photos weren't too bad but my camera is so old I need a new one, I could have gotten way better pics :P

    Fiona, you should watch the Monster Ball HBO special. It was exactly like being at the monster ball!!!