Sunday, June 26, 2011

My review of Prince

Here is my experience and review of Prince last night.

Me wearing my Prince "Purple Rain" shirt before the concert with my ticket

We left my house at 9pm and bussed downtown to the club where the show was taking place. We got there around 10:30 or so and went in. There were already tons of people there so I was made because we weren't too close to the front so I can't really see when I am too far behind because I am really really short, even though I brought my 5 inch platforms to wear. The concert was supposed to start at 11:30pm. I had read a review of the performance from the previous night's concert he did and it said he had started right on time so I was expecting this, however I was disappointed that they only started at 12:30am! It sucks when you are standing up.

At 12:30am the band came out and began, however Prince was not singing just yet. It was a girl from his band that was singing until 1:00am. Prince then began and I was really happy and the place was so packed, we were really tightly sqeezed together and the place was ridiculously hot from all the body heat so everyone was really gross and sweaty. People kept trying to cut to the front but we were all trying to not let them through. It is really not fair that some people try to do this. I always wanted to but I never had the guts to do that at a concert, I am too polite.

The music was great but the whole time I was mad because there were all these ridiculously tall guys in front of me and I kept having to look around their heads, trying to find a space to see through.

At about 2:00-2:30am Prince said "Thank you Montreal" and left and apparently the concert was over but the review I read said that the Friday concert went on until 3:30am so I knew it was not over yet. We all started chanting and stomping our feet and then... what do you know... Prince came back for more! We were so happy. So he played even more songs and then he did the trick again where he left the stage and everything went black. And you would kind of think it was over because stage hands would come and pretend to move things around on the stage but we knew it was not over. Some people started to leave because it was pretty late and I guess they thought it was over. But it was not and Prince did this a few more times, I guess he liked hearing us chant and beg for him to come back. At one point it really looked like it was over and a bunch of people left but I knew it was not over and didn't want to take a chance so I took the opportunity to move over to the side so I could get a better view. An at that point I was way happier because I actually had a way better view than I had before. I should have been there the whole concert :(

So after a few times of pretending the show was over and then coming back out for more. Prince came out and performed his big hit "Purple Rain" and that was the song I was most dying to hear him play. There were a few other songs I had wished he had played but this song was the one I was waiting for the whole night and the reason I did not want to leave because I had to hear Purple Rain live. He sang the song and I recorded it of course. And then when he left I kind of assumed it was really over now. It is a very good song to close a concert with. I stood though for a few minutes more just in case he might come out again but I didn't think he would so since he played the song I wanted to hear I said it was ok and we could leave. It was 3:30am anyway.

So we left the building and then was the problem of getting home since the metro is closed until 5:30am. I had planned to take 2 night busses to get home but it was later than I had expected to leave at first so the first night bus was still running but the second one was not running any more. So I wandered around trying to the find the bus stop because I totally don't know anything about downtown. I used google maps on my phone and finally found the bus stop. We got on the bus and then reached the end of the line around 4:30am. Then since the second bus we were supposed to take was not running anymore we had to wait until 5:15 for the next bus to come... It was pretty long and boring and we were exhausted. We sat on the bus bench and waited while dozing off repeatedly. Finally the bus came and we got on and then really dozed off for a while and then I woke up and we were almost home so we got off the bus shortly and got home at about 5:40am and we went straight to bed and I woke up around 2:30pm and now here I am!

My overall review of the concert is of course that Prince is amazing, he is such a great performer and there are not many people left out there who are like him. He put on a great show and I was very happy to have had the chance to see him perform live and if he ever came back I would go see him again in a heartbeat. The only thing that sucked about the concert of course is the people there! Who are greedy and try to cut in front of you, and they push and shove you and they are too tall and stand in front of you when you are very short! But I guess every concert is like that... it is really a tall person's world!

Here's a pic I took, check out my facebook for more photos and videos.

Oh and by the way here was a list of the songs he played

Love we make
Pop life
NPG jazz interlude
Musicology with Tighten up, and bass solo finishing with a little America.
Song from back-up singer Shelby Tate "misty blue"
Freak out
Which way is up Shelby
Play That funky music

Break 1

Take me with you
Dr feelgood guitar solo
Break it down
Nothing compares 2 U
Joy in repetition

Break 2

Pass the peas
What have you done for me lately
It ain't over

Break 3

The bird
Jungle love
I like funky music
Love bizarre

Break 4

Purple rain

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