Wednesday, June 15, 2011


OMFG well you guys are probably too young to know of Prince but maybe you have heard of him. Well I am a gigantic fan... I love him as much as I love Lady Gaga. By chance today I was on and clicked a link on there and it went to a website where they sell vintage sunglasses and someone wrote that Prince will be playing a live show in Montreal! So I go OMFG because I live in Montreal!!! I am so excited it is not even funny. This is the chance of a life time because Prince doesn't tour really any more and plays live here and there but he is old now so he doesn't play live as much as he used to. He is such a legendary performer and artist and I had always dreamed of seeing him live and imagining what it must be like. I am jealous when I talk to older people who got a chance to see him live in the 80's. Now I can have a chance!

I went frantic when I saw that he will be coming here. I searched for tickets but they were all sold out of course so I checked a few other ticket websites and the sad thing is that they are very expensive because people are selling them for very high. I must see him though so I will have to pay the price. I would go alone but it is downtown and very far away from where I live and the concert is at 11:30pm so I do not really want to be alone downtown at night because it is dangerous for a woman. So I asked my boyfriend if he can come even though I know he doesn't want to go but he knows it is dangerous for me to go alone. So I have to buy us 2 tickets.

My first ticket search made me realize that i am going to be spending more than $500 for these tickets. The cheapest I found were $650. Then I decided to look on eBay and managed to find some for $550. I am going to buy them but I am just waiting to see if he is willing to take $500 because I would like any discount possible.

Prince will be playing Friday June 24th and Saturday June 25th and I would love to go the friday (it is a holiday here) but I work saturday so I can't be out all night when I have to work the next day. So I will go saturday night and we will be out all night probably.

I can't believe he will be playing in 1 week! And I can't believe that I will be having a chance to go! I am so happy. I never thought I would see him live.

I will totally be wearing my Prince tshirt to the show... can't wait!

Oh and one good thing I forgot to mention... I checked how many people the club he is playing at can hold and it says 2300 so that is a fairly small crowd compared to the crowd of about 15000 to 20000 when I see Lady Gaga live at the Bell Center. Weeeeeee I'm gonna see Prince!!!

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