Monday, November 12, 2012

Review of Skyfall

I saw the new James Bond Film "Skyfall" yesterday and it was very good. The movie was being advertised as "The best Bond Film" of the series and even though I haven't watched all of them yet, I wouldn't say it's the best. They are all good films in their own way. None are the best, none are the worst.

I was never a big James Bond fan until Daniel Craig took over the role in 2006 with Casino Royale. It was my first Bond movie that I've ever seen. I thought Daniel Craig was very different from how Bond is usually portrayed, especially with his light features... it made me somewhat interested in the franchise.

Casino Royale was very good and when Quantum of Solace came out in 2008 I went to see it as well but it was a little disappointing because the story wasn't very great so the movie ended up not being so good.

When I went to see a movie in theaters a few months ago and saw the trailer for Skyfall I immediately knew I wanted to see the movie. The trailer was packed in action and looked to be very promising.

Skyfall was a very good movie that I thoroughly enjoyed and would even go see again. The movie began with a very Bond-esque fight which even transitioned to being on top of a moving train. I will not spoil the movie for anyone reading this but let's just say the fight on the train top ends badly and it is very upsetting. Then the main credits roled and Adele's "Skyfall" theme played through the opening and the song was very good. I had kept myself from listening to it or hearing it in the weeks before when it came out because I wanted it to be exciting and fresh for when I see the movie, and it was exactly that. I'm happy I didn't listen to it because it was more special hearing it for the first time in the movie's opening sequence. I don't normally like Adele but I like this song and it is such a perfect Bond songs that really sounds like that mysterious Bond sound. Adele did a very good job with the song and her voice fits it perfectly.

After the opening credits we see a Bond who has bounced back and he heads to MI6 to get down to business. As the story unfolds we learn of a villain who is hacking M and MI6 and doing dangerous things. Bond's job is to stop him and the rest of the movie goes along like that until the end when we lose someone very important to the whole Bond series. After everything, we are introduced to the characters who will be in the next movies and shown that "Bond will return."

I really can't wait until the next movie. I feel like these first 3 movies that Daniel Craig has been in have been laying out the grounds for this new James Bond that he has been working on and that hopefully in the next movie he will be good old James Bond again, without so much of the angst and emotional problems that this James Bond has been experiencing. Not that it has been a bad thing. It is good to see a different side of him but I think that he should be having sexy, dangerous fun and good times like the Bonds of the past.

Skyfall seemed to be missing in the lady department. There was a brief sex scene in the film but no strong romance or sexuality really so it felt a bit lacking in that area.

And the other thing that bothered me about the movie is that they killed off someone big... (I won't say who of course!) and it felt kind of sad and I worry about if the next movies will be the same but the ending of Skyfall tied any loose ends about that so I guess it will be ok.

Otherwise, the movie was a blast and I never even checked the time while I was watching the movie, that is how good it was... all 2 and a half hours seemed to fly by and I could have even watched more! I can't wait until the next one or even until this one comes to DVD.

Some fun parts that I enjoyed in the movie...
When the villain has captured James Bond he is practically coming on to him and it is so hilarious and unexpected, I couldn't stop laughing I was almost crying.
And of course I enjoyed the parts when Daniel Craig is not wearing his shirt..... the more scenes like that, the better! He is a very handsome man and I really enjoy seeing him on the big screen... the movies should have more parts with him wearing next to nothing!!!

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  1. Well stupid google made me sign in and I lost my long comment I wrote you. So let's try again!!!

    I also saw James Bond Skyfall this weekend and loved it! Very action packed and I would say one of the strongest storylines out of the series. I would agree with you about the ladies. There weren't a lot but maybe because of the story itself it didn't call for a lot of sex anyway. The scenes were all beautiful. Especially the Asian bar and the shots of shanghai. The villain I would say had to be one of the best I've seen. Creepy and smooth all at the same time amazing! I loved the tie in with his past. It's the only one I've seen where you actually are exposed to his past. I liked that tie.
    But being the 50 years of bond how cool would it have been to see cameos of the past bonds. I can see Sean Connery sitting at the beach bar commenting to Bond about the MI-6 attack. Just a thought since they are all still alive. Would have been an awesome add in.
    Can't wait to get this on blue-ray.