Thursday, April 19, 2012

My new make up case!

So I have been searching lately for a home to put all of my makeup in because I have never really had a proper make up box or anything and my make up is in a ziplock bag and there's some here and there around my house. I have been trying to organize my house and I decided to buy a make up box. I had gone to Sephora first to see the price of theirs. Oh boy they wanted $66 for a small makeup box and apparently that was the sale price even, marked down from $90!!! So I thought that I should check Wal-Mart because they usually have reasonable prices. They had a similar makeup box for $25 and I thought it was more reasonable so I bought it. I organized my makeup into it when I got home. Now I don't really have a big make up collection even though some people think I do. I tend to use the same make up and colors a lot so I don't have too much. All of my make up pretty much fit into the box I bought and I was even able to use the bottom compartment to put all of my nail polish! Great! I'm happy with my new box and I'm glad to be getting more organized, slowly but surely!



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