Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Next Nail Sticker Manicure!

The Sally Hansen nail stickers that I tried recently are marked that they last for about 10 days. I had them on for around 5 days I think and I was pretty impressed. They seemed to hold up pretty well considering what I do for a living with my hands always in water. The nail polish that I had along with it chipped faster than the nail stickers so it was cool to me. I think 5 days was ok because I get bored of my polish quickly anyways!

Now I have tried my next set. These are by Essie and I will see how they hold up against the Sally Hansen nail art. I tried the leopard print ones and painted my nails a taupe color. These ones have a textured feeling to them. The leopard spots protrude and you can feel them. They are thicker than the others but I guess that is probably because of the raised texture. They were easy to put on like the other ones but these ones I had to cut the excess off, whereas the other ones I just slid over the edge of my nail and they cut themselves. We will see how they do!

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