Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nail art stickers!

I got some free samples of nail art stickers in some magazines I received in the mail. I have never tried nail art stickers before and I have never really wanted to try them because I thought they might fall off, especially with my job at a hair salon. My hands are always in water and my nail polish chips quickly as it is! But I got these for free so I thought I might try them... nothing to lose, really. The only annoying thing is that in the free samples they only give you 2 to try!

The first I have tried are by Sally Hansen and they are a hounds tooth pattern. I painted the rest of my nails black to go along with it. I applied them Monday night and I have showered and washed my hair and washed my hands around the house and they haven't budged yet. I will see how they hold up at work!

I have 4 other samples to try from Essie, I will see if the Essie ones are as good as the Sally Hansen ones.

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