Tuesday, January 22, 2013

OPI - Liquid Sand

The new line from OPI just came out and it is a Mariah Carey line featuring a new type of polish called "Liquid Sand." My friend Sarah (WildEdgyNails) lent me one of her colors from the line called "Can't Let Go" and I tested it out.

It is a purple polish with lots of sparkles inside and a sandy, grainy texture. The idea is that you don't put any top coat over it in order to conserve its matte, textured look.
It wasn't too hard to apply. You just put your base coat and then apply 2 coats of the nail polish. I kept in mind that my friend Sarah expressed disappointment with the brush, but I did not find it bothered me so much. It seemed to feel a bit wider than the regular OPI polish brushes but it might just be the thickness of the nail polish making me think so.
Overall, I was not blown away by this nail polish at all. It is dull looking and not really the most appealing color. The texture on your nails is not pleasant. It feels like sandpaper and it is not a natural feeling to be wearing around all day.
I am not interested in buying any of these for myself. I am glad that I was able to try it without buying it!

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